Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a week!

I have been preparing myself for some time for this week.  The week before vacation.... boy if I only knew what it was really going to be like.  The beginning of the month is always rough for me at work and has been worse lately because of a new project that has come online recently.  Because of the way that our vacation falls, I also need to condense the same amount of work into less time which may or not be possible.  For this reason I've been planning to work extra hours this week.  Everything seemed to be falling into place... Over the weekend I successfully backed the kids stuff for our trip which is a definite advantage of going to a warm place when it is cold at home. 
Unfortunately Monday evening my preparations came to a screeching halt!  When I arrived to pick the kids up from daycare, I was given the happy news that Cole had a 101.8 fever and could not return to school the next day! Very luckily Mom-mom was able to watch him and nothing but the fever seemed to be the problem, so we thought it was just his teething again.  Wednesday he started coughing pretty badly, which he was actually pretty funny about.  He went and got the small trashcan from Mom-mom's bathroom and would pick up the trashcan and cough into it.  (I think that he got this from after Summer's surgery, she got sick a couple of times and they had given us a plastic tub for the ride home).  Since I was having a busy week at work, Jim took Cole to the doctor's Wednesday morning and although the fever had gone away, the cough was getting worse.  Cole was diagnosed with 2 ear infections and bronchitis or pneumonia.  Since the treatment is the same for both, they didn't want to put him through another chest x-ray as he had just had one in January.  More antibiotics and more nebulizer breathing treatments, but at least we found out before we left for vacation and are able to start treating it. 
Summer went for her surgery follow up today... Jim took her to this as well and they were unable to do the hearing test b/c her tubes were clogged.  Apparently this is not abnormal since her ears were so badly infected when she had the surgery.  We were given more ear drops to help out that situation and she will go back in 2 weeks for her hearing test.  The good news is though that her ears are NOT INFECTED for the first time in at least 3 MONTHS!  Hopefully the surgery did the trick!
We will be leaving very early Saturday morning to drive to Disney, which the doctor said is a very good thing that we are driving.  Cole would be in lots of pain if we were flying.  Hopefully I will be able to count this blessing on our very long drive. Check back next week to check what we are up to!

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  1. Oh my - when it rains it pours, right?? Poor Cole! I'm so glad that you were able to get him the meds he needed, and hoping that he feels better soon! Glad Summer's ears aren't infected :) Yay!!

    I'm slightly envious of your trip....can't wait to see all the pics!!