The Boy

Cole James, A.K.A. Coley Boley (especially cute when pronounced by his sister!).  The phrase that best describes Cole is a "bull in a china shop".  He's rough and tough and says yes to everything his bossy sister tells him to do.  He is extremely lovey and gives hugs and sloppy kisses constantly!  He is typically a very easy going, happy boy, but when he's had enough watch out for the meltdown.  It is pretty much guaranteed that he will fall asleep any time he is in some type of moving vehicle, be it a car, stroller, bus at Disney, etc. that he is in longer than 10 minutes regardless of whether or not he's just had a nap.  His favorite pasttime is running in circles.  And currently his favorite place to visit is the zoo.  I really think that he could spend all day being pushed in the stroller and looking at all of the zoo animals.  Unlike Summie, he has about 20 stuffed animals that he loves to sleep with and is constantly switching who his favorite is.