Friday, November 22, 2013

Thankful thoughts during a hectic week

It's been a bit of a bumpy week in more ways than one, but we still have plenty to be thankful for...


  • I'm thankful that I found an amazing and easy recipe for lemon bars and that I was able to cheer up a few people who needed cheering up this week with said lemon bars
  • I'm thankful that I found an entire pack of pink pencils that I was able to have personalized for Summer Lou... I think she might have a heart attack when she finds them in her stocking Christmas morning.  (there will be some blue ones for Cole too)
  • I'm thankful that I got a great deal on Cole's main Christmas gift
  • I'm thankful for the Cheryl & Co cookies that were delivered to my friend at work when I was having a rough day and that she knows to run to my office with them first whenever she gets them.... best cookies ever!
  • I'm thankful that my husband (whose been rather sick this week) got my a pumpkin spice latte as a surprise one night this week when he knew I had a rough day at work
  • I'm thankful that my new orthopedic doctor was so accommodating of my schedule. The office called to tell me that the doctor was needed for a surgery and wouldn't be able to keep my 1:50pm appointment and could I come earlier since he'd only be in the office until noon.  I explained that I worked 35 miles away and that it would be difficult to come earlier unless they had something first thing in the morning.  She asked if she could call me back after she checked to see if the doctor would come in at 7:45am before his first scheduled patient to see me.... and he agreed! 
  • I'm thankful that even though I was hoping to be out of this immobilizer boot much sooner (so far I've been in it a week and really it's not so bad) than a couple of MONTHS.... that I am fortunate enough to have wonderful medical coverage through my employer and that the doctor thinks that this non-invasive treatment will work.  I'm hopeful that we are on the right path even though it is going to take much longer than I anticipated.  Now in addition to my boot for the day time.... I have a night splint to sleep with.  Aren't they just beautiful!  

  • I'm thankful for the fantastic report cards that both kids received today... Here are some excerpts... "Cole is an enthusiastic learner who loves to participate.  He makes good choices and consistently used his personal best effort on a daily basis." and "Summer is a wonderful student.  She seems to really enjoy school and shows an interest in learning.  Summer also participates often and puts forth her best effort."   
  • I'm thankful that the kids love school so much and that this is what my sliding glass door looks like.  It was a little hard to capture, but I'll try to point out the highlights...
    • I love you mom
    • Miss Summer & Miss Cole (can you tell we haven't had any guy teachers yet for them to understand that he would be Mr. Cole?)
    • tally marks in groups of 5
    • counting to 100 by 10s
    • a clock
    • The cat sat on the mat (this sentence was written without any help at all)
    • 10+11 = 21
    • 5+5 = 10
    • Do you eat turkey on thanksgiving (I did help her spell this sentence, but she came up with it as her "question of the day")

Monday, November 18, 2013

Another week to be thankful for....

Looking ahead our schedule is about to get incredibly hectic, but part of the reason is why because we are very blessed to live near to so many of our friends and family.  It always makes for a busy holiday season and while it can be stressful.... I absolutely love having so many people we love nearby! 


Here are some of my top blessings that I'm counting this week...
  • I'm thankful that 12 years ago on November 9, 2001 that Jim and I went on our first date and that we hit it off from the start and although we've had our ups and downs we're still going strong! 
  • I'm thankful for being invited to the kids' friend's house for the Eagles game last week we all had a blast! 
  • I'm thankful that Summer & Cole's teachers are thoughtful enough to coordinate things to be easier for me without me even having to ask.  This week that had already coordinated with each other to make themselves available on the same day for me to come in for both kindergarten conferences on the same day even though they were assigned different days for their classes. 
  • I'm thankful that I was able to get into an orthopedic doctor the day after my primary doctor referred me to one so that I could start healing my foot/ankle for my very busy holiday season... fingers crossed! 
  • I am thankful that I was able to go to my twin moms' convention and catch up with my friends and thankful that I was able to represent my club as member of the year.

  • I am thankful that Cole had a big cheering section for his last soccer game, especially since I couldn't be there and that Uncle Chris was able to take a team shot with their trophies to send to me!  Did I mention how awesome it is to live near so much of our family?

  • I am thankful that as I went through Cole's folder from school that I turned over one of his worksheets and found this!  He was told to write sentences or sight words on the back of his worksheet and this is what he wrote.  I'm not going to lie... I balled my eyes out! 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Giving thanks for Halloween and beyond...

I'm linking up with my friend Aurie's Counting your Blessings Link up.... I missed last week, but had started a draft so this week I'll be incorporating two weeks of thankful thoughts into this post...


Here is my last week's list...
I know it may seems strange to be thankful for Halloween.... a holiday that is based around candy!  But that is what I'm thankful for this week among other things.
  • I'm thankful that I got the opportunity to jump on the soccer field and coach Cole's game last Saturday.  It was really fun!
  • I'm thankful that New Katie, Uncle Kevin and Allie were able to make it to see the game
  • I'm thankful that my MIL was able to take Cole to the dentist for me when his appointment needed to be rescheduled because our dentist is having surgery (and I'll be praying hard that she does well because she is the best dentist ever!)
  • I'm thankful that I have a great boss who tells me that my family comes first and I was able to take Halloween off to make great memories with my kids
  • I'm thankful that not only was a chosen to be a parent helper in Cole's classroom for his party, but also that both kids' teachers went above and beyond to let me be involved with both S & C (not only letting me visit Summer's class as well, but actually suggesting that I get Cole from his class to take a picture with me and the kids together)
  • I'm thankful for the technology that allowed me to participate in a conference call for work in between the "big school" party and the afternoon daycare party
  • I'm thankful that my neighbor is home on maternity leave and always seems to have that one thing that I forgot I didn't have which in this case was a lemon during my conference call to keep my banana ghosts from browning! And I have to mention that Summer was SO excited about these treats from me that she ate it first before any of the other treats!
  • I'm thankful that they were SO excited to start trick or treating as soon as they got home from their party at daycare and that since we finished so early (due to being the first trick or treaters) they were equally excited to hand out treats on the front steps
Now for this week....
  • I'm thankful that my mother in law was willing to come over and help me empty all of my kitchen cabinets while I fixed shelves, purged unneeded items, wiped everything down and found nice new homes for everything.  I'm not really good with sticking with a task until it is completed and she really helped with get so much done! 
  • I'm thankful for the internet that helped me to find an amazing recipe for beef brisket and that it turned out absolutely delicious and I got 2 thumbs up from my kids!  They ate so much and even ate vegetables which are a major struggle lately. 
  • I'm thankful that my mother in law was also able to watch the kids 3 days this week while they were off of school which was such a huge help!
  • I'm thankful that I was able to take another day off this week and that living social had an amazing deal on the Please Touch Museum during the summer.  I was able to plan ahead with a friend to get together during teacher conventions this week and take our kids for a fun day out!  We had a really great day!
  • I'm thankful for getting to see my SJMOMS friends this month
  • I'm thankful that Cole decided that he was going to really play soccer today and run and try his hardest!  He did such a great job and was so excited that Grandma & Grandpa were there to cheer him on. 
  • I'm thankful that we were able to get together with some friends and their kids tonight for the kids to play and for the grown-ups to catch up and eat dinner. 
  • I'm thankful that I got a 50% off coupon when I rented Cole's suit for Aunt Kate's wedding that we were able to use for Jim to get a much needed new suit today!