Summer Louise, aka "Summie Lou" and "little Jackie".  It is amazing to me how two completely different people's DNA can be combined together and the result is an exact clone of one of those people.  That is in fact the gift we were given with our darling daughter.  At the age of 2 1/2, she is already quite the adult.  She wants to do everything by herself and I often believe that she thinks that SHE is Cole's mommy.  She's is definitely a Mommy's girl and when she is tired, cranky or playing shy, she ONLY wants her Mommy!  She loves everything PINK.  She tells me almost everday now, that she wants to wear a pink dress and sometimes will actually go as far as telling me which one.  I also have to hid her dress shoes because if she finds them in the morning she will usually insist on wearing them to school.  I already foresee the teenage years being a problem for this fashionista!  Strange requests for pink things lately include: pink crackers, pink shopping cart (at Home Depot where they are only orange), pink washing machine (when ours broke recently and we had to buy a new one).  Summer is very often a giggly, fun-loving daredevil sweetheart, but don't let that fool you because if you get in her way her teeth (literally come out!).  And her bite is worse than her bark!  Besides Cole, her best friend in life is "Pink Bear".  Pink Bear was given to me as a gift at my baby shower, along with many other little luvie bears, and eventually it is the one she took to.  It is actually funny to see that the comfort item that she took to has the same type of satin edging that MY "blankie" had when I was a little girl.  When she gets tired I see her rubbing this part between her fingers and it brings back memories of me doing the same thing.