Saturday, January 28, 2012

First month is over

3in30 Challenge

Well January is nearing completion and unfortunately I did not do so great with my goals.  I think I set my sights a little bit too high for my first month and then had a few road blocks thrown my way.  First off my flooring installation was delayed until the firs week of February due to some of the trim being out of stock.  Then my oven broke and since it is over 20 years old, we decided to buy a new one which will be delivered the first week of February as my husband already has off for the flooring to be installed.  I then decided to do a 2 week dairy elimination diet with my 3 year old daughter because of ongoing issues that I had begun to believe were food allergy related, even though her allergist did not see eye to eye with me on this one.  This has meant packing her lunch every day because the majority of the daycare served lunches contain MILK!  And since the school is also PEANUT free, selecting a lunch that is both MILK & PEANUT free has been no easy feat.  The good news here is that after 1 week dairy free, I am seeing an improvement.   At the beginning of the month, I had not anticipated any of these things occuring, but the most shocking road block was an ER visit for me this Thursday.  I had been feeling strange for a few days and then late Wednesday night started having a pain in my right side.  Thursday morning it was still present... so off to the ER I went fearing appendicitis.  Thankfully I was wrong and immediate surgery wasn't on the agenda for me that day, however I do have a rather large gallstone.  FABULOUS!  The ER doctors determined that I did not need immediate surgery, but need to meet with a general surgeon to decide upon a plan of action. 

1) Pack up the Living Room & Dining Room and purge/organize as I un-pack them.  - Well the packing was started and then halted since this project was delayed. 

2) Exercise 2-3 times per week (at least!).  - Well this did not happen either :(

3) Start prepping for my mothers of multiples' spring consignment sale. - I did begin this, but did not get too much completed yet.  I'm hoping to pull out my bins and start entering as much as possible into our new electronic tagging system.  I plan to carry this goal into February as well and to hopefully be mostly completed well in advance of our March sale. 

My plan is to make slightly more realistic goals in February and I already have a few in mind!  I'm not giving up just because my first month was not successful...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 in 30 update

3in30 Challenge

What was I thinking is kind of crossing my mind right now!  2 weeks have gone by and not really much accomplished!  I think I bit off slightly more then I could chew and was much too ambitious for not only my first month of the challenge, but by far my busiest month of the year at work.  The need for re-vamping is here:
1) Pack up the Living Room & Dining Room and purge/organize as I un-pack them.  The flooring project has been delayed to the beginning of February, due to backordered items.  The rooms are getting closer to being emptied, so the new goal is to complete this by the end of the month.  However the purging and organizing will need to be placed on hold until February when the flooring is completed. 

2) Exercise 2-3 times per week (at least!).  Haha!  This has not happened at all, although I have decided where in my schedule this should be able to fit.  My thinking is that once I get home from work with the kids and get them settled with dinner, they can play in the basement playroom while I use the treadmill (once setup in that room).  My goal for this week is to dig out the treadmill and set it up and hopefully walk on it at least once this week.  I have a few nights with plans already, so if I get that done I'll be quite happy. 

3) Start prepping for my mothers of multiples' spring consignment sale.   Although I have not done much in this department either, I have started entering a few things into our new electronic consignment tagging system and plan to pull my bins out this week to start organizing and tagging items.  This will be my major focus for the next 2 weeks. 

I'm hoping to be able to buckle down a bit more now that things are not quite as crazy at work and my husband has gotten over being sick and get much more accomplished in the next 2 weeks then I did in the last 2 weeks... wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Same Name...

Inevitably we all have this situation arise. We know 2 people (or more) with the same name. It gets confusing when referring to them or sometimes even addressing them when they are together. I remember when we were planning our wedding and Jim was looking at the seating chart and asked why I had myself seated at a different table then him. I had to gently remind him that I also had a cousin named Jackie Reilly! Wonder why Cole's name isn't Jimmy Jr?? Oh well that's because my husband is already Jimmy Jr, oh and my uncle is also Jimmie Jr and add Jim's dad and my Pop-pop, both Jim Sr and my cousin James on the other side of my family.... and 5 Jim, Jimmy or James in the family already! How to explain all these different people with the same names to 2 very curious three year olds. Little did I know, they would figure out their own explanation! And I have to say that I just LOVE it. Here goes!

The kids have an Aunt Kate (my cousin) and an Aunt Katie (my best friend). When I came back from being away in the fall, I asked Cole where he got a certain toy. He told me it was from "New Katie". When I asked who "New Katie" was. He said "with Sabanah" (my friend Katie's dog is Savannah). He now always refers to my cousin Kate as "Old Katie" (which I must say she's not to fond off, in that she is actually younger) and my friend Katie is "New Katie". Anytime I say we are going to see Aunt Katie, he always asks "New Katie or Old Katie"??

One day Cole decided this needed further clarification. We were heading to a demonstration that my friends Chrissy & Katie were having. He told me that it was not Mom-mom's Chris (Jim's bro) and not Nonna's Kate (my cousin).

Cole's new teacher's name is Miss Michele, not to be confused with who Cole refers to as "Mom-mom's Chele" (Jim's sis, Aunt Chele).

Recently we had dinner with our twin friends, Bella & Joseph and joining us were another set of twins, Bella & Trey. Summer later told me while wearing her Rapunzel tiara that she wanted a light up one. When asked where she saw one she told me that "Other Bella" had one.

So there you have .... same name clarification... 3 year old style!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Joining 3-in-30

3in30 Challenge

Each year since I met Jim, I have watched on January 1st as he writes out his list of about 20 or so goals for the year.  Some are small goals and some large and at the end of the year he evaluates to see how successful his year was.  I have joined him for the past few years in this task as well, however it is hard to remember and attain these goals randomly throughout the year.  Last year, I saw my friend Aurie at Our Good Life accomplish goal after goal while participating in the 3 in 30 challenge and I have been inspired to join her this year.  What is the 3 in 30 challenge you may ask?  Well instead of making my goals for the entire year, I will pick 3 to focus on each month (30 days) and hopefully complete many more of them then in previous years.  And since there are other people in this challenge, I will have them to cheer me on and inspire me!

I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to keep up with weekly updates, but will try to at least touch base.  So here goes nothing with my January goals... wish me luck... as I will surely need it.

1) Pack up the Living Room & Dining Room and purge/organize as I un-pack them.  We are having new floors put in next week so everything in these rooms needs to be packed up and moved out.  However, I would like to go through and purge the unneeded items and organize the rest of the items into appropriate homes once the floors are completed. 

2) Exercise 2-3 times per week (at least!).  Yes this has been a goal of mine in years past and I may start out with good intentions, but that all goes by the wayside before long.  I'm going to leave this a bit vague at the moment as to what type of exercise it will encompase, but will probably be walking on my treadmill at first and then maybe using my Wii or some other exercise video.  My biggest obstacle for meeting this goal is to figure out where in my daily schedule this best fits. Do I get up early before work to do this (yikes)? Do I do this after work while letting the kids play in the playroom with me? Or after they go to bed while waiting for Jim to come home? Etc.

3) Start prepping for my mothers of multiples' spring consignment sale.  Getting ready for this sale is a huge undertaking and I need to start sorting through the tubs of clothing and toys and separating, what will still fit this year, what is in good enough shape to sell, and what needs to be donated or trashed.  I don't have a lot of extra storage space and would really love to get rid of a lot of the extra clutter in my house this year. 

There they are... they are out in the open.  Hopefully the 3 in 30 challenge is just what I need to get myself going towards my goals.  Wish me luck!  Check back and I hope to update here and there as to my progress. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

O Christmas Day...

At 7:15 on Christmas morning, Summer bounded into our bedroom.  She jumped in our bed to watch TV until Cole joined us at 7:45, which is when we called Mom-mom & Pop-pop to head over for Santa's presents.  We headed down as soon as they arrived and sure enough Santa didn't miss our house.  He ate up all the cookies, drank the milk and took the carrots for his reindeer.  He also remembered to take our elf, Pepper Minstix back to the North Pole to start making toys for next year! 
Santa arrived!
And what to our wondering eyes should appear under the tree, but presents from Santa for Summer & Cole! 

Cole got a Toy Story 3 Landfill

Summer got an Abby Cadabby doll

Cole got some new trains

Summer got new clothes for her baby doll
Dr. Cole reporting for duty

A pink doctor kit for Dr. Summie Lou

Cole was very disappointed that
Mickey Spaceship didn't fly by itself!

Princess dress-up dresses & crowns
Miss Summer wanted a Leappad as her #1 gift that she told Santa each time we saw him.  He cleverly hid this gift behind the tree so that it would be the very last thing that she opened.  I'm sure he never anticipated that as she tore through each of the other packages that she would quietly whimper, "this is not a leappad". 
The Leappads!
The kids played with their new toys for the rest of the morning.  We watched the Disney Christmas Parade together and then had some visitors.  It was Nonna, Aunt Juli, Aunt Kate (my cousin, referred to by Cole as old Katie, because he refers to my best friend Katie as new Katie) and Jay!  Next came, Aunt Chele & Uncle Chris (Jim's sister & brother). Then later, my sister Kim, her husband Dave and my nephew & niece, Noah & Hannah came for a visit.  They had tons of fun playing with the twins' toys until Summer & Cole got up from their nap.  And then all the kids played nicely together for a bit. 

Jim's whole family came over later in the afternoon and we enjoyed a great dinner.  I was so excited this year because I decided to a little something different and set up dinner in our finished basement so that we could all sit at one table, instead of a table in my dining room and another in the living room.  It worked out perfectly!  It was a busy day, but actually surprisingly relaxing at times and just AWESOME!  We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives to share these holidays with. 

Playing with the leappads in their sleds
Thank you to everyone for a great Christmas!