Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why we vacation....

Recently I had a conversation with the Haztwins in order to prep them for our upcoming vacation to Disney.  Since they were asking me a bazillion questions about many minute details of our upcoming trip.... I decided we needed to discuss the possibility of how we need to react if things don't go quite our way on the trip.  I explained to them that sometimes rides are closed or menus change or a line for something we were really looking forward to is too long, etc.  I also explained that no matter what happens that we are still on vacation with each other and that they are very lucky to be going to Disney for the fifth time.

What do you think happened after that conversation?!  Well my little Diva went to school and told her friends how she was going to Disney for the fifth time!!  Which prompted her to return home to Daddy with the question, "Are we rich Daddy? So and so says we must be rich if we've been to Disney so much."  My answer to her question?  Do you think you'd still share a room with your brother if we were rich?

Everyone has different priorities in life and ours are making memories.  Jim introduced me to Disney World over 13 years ago and we have been going ever since.  Instead of jewelry or other expensive gifts, we decided to buy a timeshare.  I can definitely say that it was one of the best decisions that we've ever made.  Yes traveling with kids is more stressful and can be more expensive than traveling in our childless years, but seeing that Disney magic through their eyes is amazing.  We've made it work even on years that the mortgage crisis caused income loss and job instability and having two kids in daycare.  We've driven 4 times (including once in my prius) to save money and have had trips where there were no extras.  Diamonds may be some girls' best friend, but I prefer strolling down Main Street USA to that spot in front of Cinderella's castle where Jim asked me to marry him and having a family photo taken before hitting up some of our favorite rides.

On vacation, we step away from our busy lives of working, commuting, activities, homework, etc.  We don't wrapped up in the laundry and housework.  We are together for the duration of our trip and sometimes we're lucky enough to have friends or family join us.  We get to play dress up and eat in castles and meet characters and go on rides and travel around the world all in the same day.  It is truly magical.... even when it rains, or a ride is closed or things don't go quite our way.  We are still together as a family..... making memories.

Before we know it.... they'll be all grown up and probably won't think going on Splash Mountain with Mom & Daddio.  When that happens, maybe I'll get some diamond earrings..... or probably Jim & I will treat ourselves to the Disney resort in Hawaii because that would be so much more fun!  (In my opinion anyway..... and no judgement if you prefer the diamonds :)  

Stay tuned for more details from our most recent trip including tips on driving to Disney with kids!