Monday, June 24, 2013

The Graduates (Pre-K)

It is sometimes hard to believe that this was almost 5 years ago! 

This picture was from the day we brought these tiny babies home from their 11 days in the NICU.  You can see the wires from their apnea monitors that monitored their breathing and when it alarmed it would make you jump from your few hours of sleep a night in those early days to make sure everyone was still breathing. 
Almost 5 years later.... we have happy, thriving Pre-K graduates!  Little by little they have become these amazing, knowledge hungry creatures.  And to think that Cole was in Early Intervention for speech just 3 years ago because he had NO words at all and now they both got near perfect scores on their Kindergarten test.  They can count to 100, write the entire alphabet, spell their first & last names and SO MUCH MORE! 
Cole "Superman" - you are 43 inches and 43 pounds of rambunctious boy!  If running in circles was a hobby, that would be yours.  You love to snuggle with mommy and want to be with me at all times when I am home.  You are such a sweet boy and take such good care of me and Summer.  You love to watch anyone who can fix things and can't wait to have your own tools.  Until today you wanted to be firefighter, but now you've decided that you want to be a vet. 
Summer Lou - you are 41 inches and 36 pounds of girly princess girl!  In fact you want to be a princess when you grow up, but Cole our realist has told you that's not a "real job".  You are extremely particular about your wardrobe, but have expanded the acceptable color pallet beyond pink as long as it is a dress or skirt.  You have always been a Momma's Girl, but recently have become more snuggly with me and you try to tend to all of Coley's needs (when he lets you) You love to dance and sing and play that you're the teacher!  And you want to be a Mommy or a Movie Star when you grow up. 
I was so proud to watch my two sweet babies looking so grown up in their caps & gowns perform their graduation with their friends.  It was such a sweet ceremony that included dancing, singing and poems.  We enjoyed refreshments with our family, their classmates and teachers afterwards and really had a very memorable evening.  I have really loved my time with my preschool aged twinnies and how magical the smallest things are to them. I am in love with the daycare that we found and wish that we could stay there forever (you know minus the weekly direct debit from my checking account!).  They've had fabulous teachers that have taught them an amazing amount of information, but also truly LOVE them for me when I can't be there.  I'm happy that we decided to keep them there for the kindergarten program.  Since we only have half day kindergarten they will go to our current daycare and then be bussed to their new elementary school and back to daycare for an afternoon enrichment program. I am sad to be leaving this part of their life, but I know we'll have new wonderful memories to make ahead.  
Do you remember way last fall
When we were only just this tall
Now look at us
We’re way up here
And my we’ve learned a lot this year
In fact you think we’re really great
That’s why we get to graduate.