Saturday, January 28, 2012

First month is over

3in30 Challenge

Well January is nearing completion and unfortunately I did not do so great with my goals.  I think I set my sights a little bit too high for my first month and then had a few road blocks thrown my way.  First off my flooring installation was delayed until the firs week of February due to some of the trim being out of stock.  Then my oven broke and since it is over 20 years old, we decided to buy a new one which will be delivered the first week of February as my husband already has off for the flooring to be installed.  I then decided to do a 2 week dairy elimination diet with my 3 year old daughter because of ongoing issues that I had begun to believe were food allergy related, even though her allergist did not see eye to eye with me on this one.  This has meant packing her lunch every day because the majority of the daycare served lunches contain MILK!  And since the school is also PEANUT free, selecting a lunch that is both MILK & PEANUT free has been no easy feat.  The good news here is that after 1 week dairy free, I am seeing an improvement.   At the beginning of the month, I had not anticipated any of these things occuring, but the most shocking road block was an ER visit for me this Thursday.  I had been feeling strange for a few days and then late Wednesday night started having a pain in my right side.  Thursday morning it was still present... so off to the ER I went fearing appendicitis.  Thankfully I was wrong and immediate surgery wasn't on the agenda for me that day, however I do have a rather large gallstone.  FABULOUS!  The ER doctors determined that I did not need immediate surgery, but need to meet with a general surgeon to decide upon a plan of action. 

1) Pack up the Living Room & Dining Room and purge/organize as I un-pack them.  - Well the packing was started and then halted since this project was delayed. 

2) Exercise 2-3 times per week (at least!).  - Well this did not happen either :(

3) Start prepping for my mothers of multiples' spring consignment sale. - I did begin this, but did not get too much completed yet.  I'm hoping to pull out my bins and start entering as much as possible into our new electronic tagging system.  I plan to carry this goal into February as well and to hopefully be mostly completed well in advance of our March sale. 

My plan is to make slightly more realistic goals in February and I already have a few in mind!  I'm not giving up just because my first month was not successful...

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  1. It's the unexpected things that can get in the way of meeting the goals we set. However, staying with the 3 in 30 challenge is a testament to your perseverence. Hopefully February doesn't present as many challenges...and the surgery for your gallstone can be delayed a bit.