Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Joining 3-in-30

3in30 Challenge

Each year since I met Jim, I have watched on January 1st as he writes out his list of about 20 or so goals for the year.  Some are small goals and some large and at the end of the year he evaluates to see how successful his year was.  I have joined him for the past few years in this task as well, however it is hard to remember and attain these goals randomly throughout the year.  Last year, I saw my friend Aurie at Our Good Life accomplish goal after goal while participating in the 3 in 30 challenge and I have been inspired to join her this year.  What is the 3 in 30 challenge you may ask?  Well instead of making my goals for the entire year, I will pick 3 to focus on each month (30 days) and hopefully complete many more of them then in previous years.  And since there are other people in this challenge, I will have them to cheer me on and inspire me!

I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to keep up with weekly updates, but will try to at least touch base.  So here goes nothing with my January goals... wish me luck... as I will surely need it.

1) Pack up the Living Room & Dining Room and purge/organize as I un-pack them.  We are having new floors put in next week so everything in these rooms needs to be packed up and moved out.  However, I would like to go through and purge the unneeded items and organize the rest of the items into appropriate homes once the floors are completed. 

2) Exercise 2-3 times per week (at least!).  Yes this has been a goal of mine in years past and I may start out with good intentions, but that all goes by the wayside before long.  I'm going to leave this a bit vague at the moment as to what type of exercise it will encompase, but will probably be walking on my treadmill at first and then maybe using my Wii or some other exercise video.  My biggest obstacle for meeting this goal is to figure out where in my daily schedule this best fits. Do I get up early before work to do this (yikes)? Do I do this after work while letting the kids play in the playroom with me? Or after they go to bed while waiting for Jim to come home? Etc.

3) Start prepping for my mothers of multiples' spring consignment sale.  Getting ready for this sale is a huge undertaking and I need to start sorting through the tubs of clothing and toys and separating, what will still fit this year, what is in good enough shape to sell, and what needs to be donated or trashed.  I don't have a lot of extra storage space and would really love to get rid of a lot of the extra clutter in my house this year. 

There they are... they are out in the open.  Hopefully the 3 in 30 challenge is just what I need to get myself going towards my goals.  Wish me luck!  Check back and I hope to update here and there as to my progress. 


  1. You'll do great! I'm so glad that you jumped in :) Make sure that you link up on Friday morning over at the 3in30 website!

    Also - when is the sale? I would love to shop if I'm allowed!

  2. Hi Jackie! Thank you for the first (ever) comment on my Goals blog. I look forward to making progress together in the month ahead. I too have an issue of WHEN and WHERE do I fit in my exercise? 5 am sounds so unappealing. It's more fun having my 4 year old help me out in the afternoons. :-)