Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Same Name...

Inevitably we all have this situation arise. We know 2 people (or more) with the same name. It gets confusing when referring to them or sometimes even addressing them when they are together. I remember when we were planning our wedding and Jim was looking at the seating chart and asked why I had myself seated at a different table then him. I had to gently remind him that I also had a cousin named Jackie Reilly! Wonder why Cole's name isn't Jimmy Jr?? Oh well that's because my husband is already Jimmy Jr, oh and my uncle is also Jimmie Jr and add Jim's dad and my Pop-pop, both Jim Sr and my cousin James on the other side of my family.... and 5 Jim, Jimmy or James in the family already! How to explain all these different people with the same names to 2 very curious three year olds. Little did I know, they would figure out their own explanation! And I have to say that I just LOVE it. Here goes!

The kids have an Aunt Kate (my cousin) and an Aunt Katie (my best friend). When I came back from being away in the fall, I asked Cole where he got a certain toy. He told me it was from "New Katie". When I asked who "New Katie" was. He said "with Sabanah" (my friend Katie's dog is Savannah). He now always refers to my cousin Kate as "Old Katie" (which I must say she's not to fond off, in that she is actually younger) and my friend Katie is "New Katie". Anytime I say we are going to see Aunt Katie, he always asks "New Katie or Old Katie"??

One day Cole decided this needed further clarification. We were heading to a demonstration that my friends Chrissy & Katie were having. He told me that it was not Mom-mom's Chris (Jim's bro) and not Nonna's Kate (my cousin).

Cole's new teacher's name is Miss Michele, not to be confused with who Cole refers to as "Mom-mom's Chele" (Jim's sis, Aunt Chele).

Recently we had dinner with our twin friends, Bella & Joseph and joining us were another set of twins, Bella & Trey. Summer later told me while wearing her Rapunzel tiara that she wanted a light up one. When asked where she saw one she told me that "Other Bella" had one.

So there you have .... same name clarification... 3 year old style!

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