Friday, March 11, 2011

No Lick Me Pluto!

Wednesday morning, we got up and drove to Animal Kingdom early because we had 8:25 reservations for the Donald Duck breakfast.  While we checked in for breakfast, Jim got fast passes so we could enjoy the Safari again as soon as we were finished.  The breakfast was great!  The kids LOVED seeing Donald, Mickey, Daisy & Goofy in their Safari gear.  Summie was especially excited to get a cup with a coffee cup top since they do not allow plastic straws in the park because of the animals (although some places do now have paper straws, but they are kind of weird to use).  We got a really nice picture with Daisy.  Summie got down and took a very nice picture with Mickey, but Cole wouldn't take one by himself.  He did shock us however by taking a picture with Goofy all by himself (the only time on the trip).  Then we road the safari and we saw many more animals than on Monday.  Go figure that Summie was more excited to see the baby ducks than anything else as our tour guide told us how the majority of them were eaten by the vultures on the safari, except for the ones whose mothers were smart enough to hide them with the flamingos.  After this we headed to Camp Minnie Mickey and got pictures with Minnie Mouse who they did really well with and Chipe & Dale who Summie wanted no parts of.  Jim took Cole to see Chip & Dale and they tickled him and that's all he kept telling us for the rest of the day.  Cole really liked the stroller and got in the habit of asking me to let him lay down and just falling asleep throughout the day, which he did today and fell asleep by 11am!  We had a family picture taken before we left complete with Cole snoozing away, if only Summie would nap in the stroller.  She wouldn't even let me put her sun visor down because it blocked her view of all that was going on.  This vast difference describes their differing personalities to a tee.
We returned to our hotel and played in the pool for a bit and then had a nap.
Since the kids were up early enough from their nap, we decided to head to EPCOT quickly for a free Meet & Greet and picture with characters from my Disney Visa.  It was a surprise of who we would see and it wound up being Pluto & Mickey.  Summie was by this time very into seeing the characters and giving them her book.  Pluto came up and pretended to lick her and Cole yelled at him "NO LICK ME!".  It was hysterical! 
Aunt Judy & Uncle Bob came over to stay with the kids for a few hours so that Jim & I could go out for a bit.  We headed back to EPCOT to get some snacks and margaritas.  Unfortunately, not long after we got to the park it started to DOWNPOUR!  We decided to duck into a store and browse around a bit to see if it would let up.  It wasn't happening so we decided to head back to our hotel.  We wound up going to the Top of the World Lounge which is on the top floor of our hotel and has an observation deck to see Magic Kingdom.  It was really nice to have a few hours out by ourselves on vacation even if the weather didn't cooperate.

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  1. Great photo of you :) Animal Kingdom is our favorite park to visit!