Sunday, March 27, 2011

A chilly day at the zoo!

I got a new stroller this week (the one that I rented and fell in love with in Disney), so I decided that I wanted to plan an outting for th weekend to take it out for a proper stroll.  We also have made one of our New Years goals for this year to use either our zoo or aquarium memberships at least once a month.  We decided to venture to the zoo since we haven't been there yet this year even though it was only supposed to be in the 30s (but at least it was sunny).  We told the kids we were going to see animals and immediately they asked if we were going back to Mickey's House.  We had to tell them that no, Mickey's House was very far away but that we were going to the ZOO.  Cole especially LOVES zoo animals.
We got to the zoo at just about opening time and the parking lot was almost empty which was AWESOME!  There were a lot of animals that had not ventured outdoors due to the weather I assume, but we still had a great time.  We strolled around for about 2 hours checking out all of the animals.  Here is Cole's description of our day:
Cole... what animals did we see at the zoo?
Pengins (trying my best for his pronunciations).  Y-ons and Tigers.  2 bears, sleeping.  No rafes (giraffes - they weren't out). 

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  1. So cute!! We made the trek a few weekend ago, and the girls had a blast :) What stroller did you get?? (You know how much I LOVE strollers!)