Monday, March 7, 2011

Arriving at Mickey's House

We've been talking to the kids for at least a month now about going to visit Mickey's House.  We talked about who we would see there and what we would do and that we had to drive for a long to in the car and watch lots of movies to get there.  I got a text message when we were getting ready to leave our overnight stay that the stroller we were renting was waiting at our new hotel for us.  We decided to go and pick it up and head right in to Magic Kingdom for a bit.  On this trip we are staying at the new Disney Vacation Club Bay Lake Tower which is attached to the Contemporary Hotel.  We can actually see Magic Kingdom from our room and are even able to walk to the park.  We decided to go this route since the kids are little and we hit a few bumps in the road with the buses taking too long on our last stay.  We grabbed our stroller and took the short walk over to Magic Kingdom.  We got our autograph books and walked down Main Street to see the "Big Castle".  Then we went on the Jungle Cruise, The Magic Carpet Ride (which Summie seemed to like the best), got our picture with Frontierland Donald.  Then we stopped for lunch at the Columbia House.  After lunch we went on the Carousel which the kids loved!  The park was starting to get more crowded, so we decided to head back for a nap.  As we were waiting in the front of the park for Jim to go to the bathroom, Pluto came walking by us and I zipped the stroller back around to be second in line for autographs!  It was kind of funny because Jim actually was heading out to meet me as this all transpired and there were literally people with stollers running to the line as they saw Pluto heading out.  I was THAT mom... pretty hysterical!  I think this rush was a bit too much for Cole because he decided that he did "NO LIKE" Pluto.  No problem... Summie gave him kisses!
After our nap we headed to the Grand Floridian to have dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming, Stepmother and the Stepsisters.  I actually think Cole was more impressed with the characters than Summer was.  Summer was very excited though to see that Cinderella was wearing the same dress as she was.  However, for the rest of the dinner she was more concerned with drawing and her autograph book.... typical.  Pretty impressively at one point she turned to me and said "Mommy I drew Mickey" and you could actually make out the 3 circles making up his face and ears! 

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