Thursday, March 10, 2011

A vist from Aunt Judy & Uncle Bob and the Special Cups

Tuesday was our day out of the parks.  It was Mardi Gras and projected to be very crowded so we decided that it would be our down day.  (Apparently the entire state of Louisiana comes to Disney World for the week of Mardi Gras).  We had breakfast in our hotel and you would have thought that Cole & Summer hadn't eaten in days. They seem to like breakfast food the best!  Aunt Judy came to hang out with us, while Jim and Uncle Bob went to check in on our renters and house.  Cole was so excited as we entered the lobby of the hotel to meet up with her that his feet just kept going in 500 different directions and he slipped and fell on the tile floor.  This child falls more than any child I've ever seen.  I scooped him up and quickly saw the blood gushing from his mouth and all over my shirt.  The kind woman working in the lobby ran with me to the bathroom which was thankfully right there and started wetting and handing me paper towels.  After everyone was all cleaned up she doled out lots of stickers (there are no shortage of stickers around here).  Aunt Judy brought color wonder markers and the kids went to town.  We all met back up for lunch at Downtown Disney.  It was very nice to get to visit with Aunt Judy & Uncle Bob while we were here.  They winter in a campground close to Disney.  After lunch Aunt Judy wanted to get Ice Cream so we went to Ghirdelli.  I asked the kids what kind of ice cream they wanted... not really expected much of an answer.  Summer answered "pink" (any surprise there?) and Cole asked for "yellow".  I tranlated this to be Strawberry and Vanilla and we ordered the "kids single scoop".  Let me just tell you that when they brought it out, I did not believe that it was the right order.  The kids single scoop was more like a 3 scoop sundae from Friendley's!  Jim had gotten a 2 scoop cone and I really think that there was probably a half gallon of ice cream in that thing.  Luckily I did not order anything for myself and shared Summer's strawberry ice cream (luckily that is my favorite kind too!).  While they finished up I ran into a few stores trying desperately to find Lotso bear for Cole. (it turns out that after calling Guest Services today that they are sold out on the entire property! I can order it when it is stock, but they are projecting that to be anytime from the next few weeks to September!)  After ice cream, we headed back for a nap.
We had dinner at the Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge and boy was it yummy!  I was a little nervous about this one because there isn't really anything entertaining for the kids here.  No characters, they do some games but our kids are still a bit young for this.  Luckily the crayons worked again here!  The kids were being so well behaved that Jim and I were considered getting them the special souvenir cups with the light up Buzz & Tinkerbell.  They hadn't gotten drinks yet because we brought their sippy cups with us.  About the time that we were debating this, Summie looked at me twirling an extra straw that the waitress left on the table and said "I'm waiting for my apple juice to come!"  I couldn't even look at her with a straight face.  The adult things that come out of this 2 1/2 year olds mouth constantly surprise me.  We ordered their drinks and told them they were getting special cups.  They kept repeating special cup, special cup.  When the two cups arrived with cool straws and clip on light up characters Summie's entire face lit up like she was just given a million dollars.  They spent the rest of dinner drinking their pink juice and making Buzz & Tink fly around.  We headed back to our hotel and let the kids stay up to watch the fireworks from our window.  What a wonderful day and night!!!

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  1. What a special time!! I'm so glad that Cole is okay - kids fall at the *best* times, don't they??