Sunday, March 6, 2011

We survived the drive... thanks to Taylor Swift!

Saturday was the day that we have been preparing for for quite some time.  Jim and I decided that we would attempt to drive to Disney World for this trip.  Our decision was made for a couple of reasons.  We had a really awful flight with Summer last time, now that the kids need their own seats flying is a much bigger expense and since there are only 2 adults and 2 small children on this trip, that is A LOT of luggage needed and only 2 people to manuever it all through the airport.  In the end, it wound up being an especially good decision as Cole wound up having 2 ear infections and bronchitis or pneumonia a few days before we left, so it would have been a very painful flight for him and Summer is still recovering from her surgery. 
We got on the highway right at 5am on Saturday.  Jim drove the first 500 miles and they went pretty smoothly and we only stopped twice during that time for breakfast & lunch.  I did jump into the backseat twice for a good chunk of the ride although this was probably very unsafe as I barely squeeze my butt onto the end of the seat between their carseats.  Cole was getting himself very upset and wanted to hold my hand, which was very hard to contort myself around to do this as we was sitting directly behind me. 
After lunch at South of the Border, which I highly recommend skipping if you've never been there before, I took over in the driver's seat.  Cole slept through our lunch stop and Summer was still fighting any type of car sleep.  At about 2pm she started freaking, so we gave her some benedryl and put on good old Taylor Swift.  Now some of you may already know about Summer & Taylor, but for those of you who do not.... here's the scoop:
When Summer was about 6 months old, she started having this vomit temper tantrums in the early evenings when I would get home from work with them by myself.  She would get herself so worked up that she would turn red and projectile vomit everywhere.  I was so beside myself about what to do so I asked the pediatrician at her checkup, who told me that Summer knew what she was doing to me and would stop if I didn't give in and pretty quickly.  Within a week we had figured things out, but on the first night that I just couldn't take that scream she had that told me she would puke... I plopped her in the swing and turned the stereo on loud enough to cover her so I could walk in the other room and not pick her up.  The CD that was in was Taylor and immediately she stopped crying and then soon fell asleep.   This quickly became our go to calm down remedy for her.  I decided that since I had my IPOD in the car, it couldn't hurt to try it this time.  It was amazing, but within 1 song she had calmed down and quickly fell fast asleep.  When the album came to a stop, Jim decided we should change it... however after just a few other songs Summer began to rouse and cry.  We put Taylor back on and off to sleep she went for another whole time through.  Thanks for saving the day and my sanity again Taylor!
We stopped for dinner and to run around a bit at Chik-FilA and I was really happy to see it was in a very nice and clean shopping center since our other stops were not so great.  The kids were very happy to get out of the car for a bit and then we made our last 2 1/2 hours of the trek.  In all it took us 16 1/2 hours and 3 stops!  Not too bad!  The kids were awesome and colored, played with stickers and watched lots of movies! 

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  1. I'm so glad that you had a safe trip - I was thinking about you :) My father in law LOVES south of the border - you made me giggle! Guess we'll see for ourselves next year when we make the trek! Can't wait to hear about your trip!!