Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ode to my Cole

So far it may seem that this blog is more heavily focused on Summer.  For now the excuse is that she has been sick for 2 1/2 months straight.  However I know that as time progresses there very likely will be more stories involving her.  This is not an intentional favoritism.  The reasons for this are two-fold. 
1. This child is always on the go...  She is constantly talking, questioning, investigating, etc.  Cole on the other hand is much more laid back.  Don't get me wrong, he is happiest when he is running laps around something but he is much happier to just be quiet.  And will tell you "No talking" when he is unhappy with the chattiness of the girls in the house.
2.  Summer is more like my clone than my child.  So far we have not succeeded in finding any part of Jim in her.  I find it quite intriguing that you can put 2 completely different people's DNA together and get my identical twin born 27 years later.  I am extremely fascinated to watch what I must have been like as a child.  It's definitely a bit weird and kind of scary, but awesome at the same time.

Now about my boy!   Cole has had a rough week dealing with Summer's surgery.  He is definitely a Momma's boy and has been getting all 4 of his 2 year old molars in the last week or so, which is not making him extremely happy.  He had a super fun sleepover at Mom-mom's since Jim & I had to leave early with Summer on the morning of her surgery to head to Delaware.  When he came home later that day he was not happy that Summie was sprawled out on my lap clinging to me for dear life.  He tried hopelessly to crawl in my lap and push her away claiming that I was HIS MOMMY!  He had a cranky week, but it now happily back to himself which coincidentally happened as soon as Summie was not being so clingy.  I promised Cole all week that on Saturday we would do something special just us.  Since we are getting ready for Disney we couldn't make it an all day thing, so we just went up the street to Starbucks with a coloring book and some crayons.  I got my coffee and he got his favorite chocolate milk box.  We sat for awhile just us and had a nice time.  He really craves/needs this kind of one on one time because Summer is so dominant of him. 
Here is Cole in a nutshell...  He just loves to sit with me on the couch and cuddle, hug and kiss me.  He sleeps with so many stuffed animals (2 dog pillow pets, 2 cats, a penquin, a turtle, a pooh and a little Tigger) in his bed that I don't know how he fits in there (he takes after Aunt Chele with this one).  He runs, falls and cries about 100 times a day and then he gets back up and starts all over again.   He loves his chocolate milk (which when we make it is milk with one drip of chocolate syrup, then we do our shake it up dance!).  He does not like cookies (complete opposite of his sister here).   He loves the train table that we got handed down from one of my co-workers.  He loves all things "Buzzy" (Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear).  And he is currently extremely excited to be going to Mickey's House (Disney World) next week.    Be sure to check back for details from our trip!   Good night!


  1. I so know what you mean!! Sophie is a mini me all the way :) It's so much fun (kind of) to get a glimpse at what I was like growing up - and have some sympathy for my parents :)

    It's awesome that you are able to have some time with just Cole - I'm sure he treasures it as much as you do!

  2. I used to do that with my stuffed animals too, there was barely any room in the bed for me and I had a queen bed