Sunday, February 20, 2011

The games that we play...

I LOVE watching how the minds of toddlers work and what they come up with on their own.  Summer and Cole have created cute little games that they regularly play that I find incredibly entertaining to watch.  The favorite one is the "Hi & Bye" game.  To play this game Summer fills up her stroller and Cole fills up his shopping cart and they grab bags, etc.  They start in the living room where I usually am and give me kisses and say bye-bye Mommy.  They then take off for the kitchen, which is their destination (school, Mom-mom's house, wherever they decide they are headed).  Then they return and greet me with Hello Mommy & we start all over.  I love the parts of this game when they yell "Kisses!" to me. 

Tomorrow morning we are headed to the aquarium so hopefully I will get some new pictures to post!  Good night!

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  1. The things they come up with are so cute, right?? I remember Sohie doing a similar game when she was litte, and Bella loves to take her baby on a walk and say 'bye bye' :)