Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pink Bear

Cole has always had many "friends" that he plays & sleeps with throughout his life...  he currently has 2 dog pillow pets, 2 cats, a penquin, a turtle and tigger.  Summer however only has Pink Bear or "Pink" as she is so lovingly referred to.  She started out as just a sleeping buddy, but has become a very dear friend to Summie.  (In fact, after a close call... I scoured ebay for a backup Pink Bear.) The first time I realized this was as we waited for one of our many doctor's appointments this winter.  Summer was playing with the toy table in the waiting room and suddenly stopped and said "Pink's turn" and went and grabbed pink and guided her tiny hands to play with the toy.  She would then sit Pink back on the chair and say "Summer's turn" and this alternating went back and forth several times.  So cute!  I also have caught her several times playing "Ring Around the Rosie" and "Patty Cake" just with Pink. 
Unfortunately, I have also had to use her love affair with Pink as a discipline tool as nothing else seems to phase my stubborn little girl.  She's been having on and off biting problems at school and a friend from my twin club finally recommended that I take Pink away when she bites at school.  It definitely started getting through to her when I would get to school at the end of the day and she had bitten someone.... she would hand me Pink and say "Here Mommy".
One thing I know for sure... Pink is one lucky bear to be so loved by my sweet girl!  I hope she is with us for a very long time!

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  1. Hello my friend!! Welcome to the fun world of blogging :) I love the pics - can not believe how big the kids have gotten!!