Monday, February 21, 2011

Summer's Surgery

Today was the long awaited day of Summer's surgery to put tubes in her ears and remove her adenoids.  Cole had a sleepover at Mom-mom's because we had to leave early to drive to Delaware.  Everyone at Dupont did a fabulous job making all 3 of us (Summer, Jim & I) feel comfortable with the entire process.  She had tons of fun planning on the school bus slide that was in the waiting room .  Once we were taken back to pre-op, she was given some medicine to help calm her and make her ok with her being separated from us and going back to the OR.  Once it kicked it... it was actually kind of humorous (which made it easier for me to leave without crying).  She was hopping around in her little hospital bed watching TV and every now and then she would just topple to her side giggling... and we'd have to hoist her back upright!  The anesthesia nurse handed me his card on my way out to the waiting room and said "Thank you for letting us take care of Summer".  I thought this was interesting... here I had been thanking every one that I came into contact with for being so nice and making Summer comfortable and now this kind nurse was thanking me for choosing to trust him to take care of my precious little angel while I couldn't be there to protect her.  It instantly put me at ease as we waiting to be re-united with her.  For those of you who know how I absolutely freak about anything doctor related.... this was a big thing for me. 
Her procedure was quick and went very well.  She was a bit cranky and trying to rip her IV out of her arm when we went back, but after some pain medication and her Mommy rocking her she calmed down and fell asleep.  After about an hour we were able to take her home with us.  Summer was really excited the we took Cole's carseat out so that Mommy could ride home in the backseat of the car & watch Mickey with her on our way home.  She was zoned out for a few hours at home and then was back to her happy, playful self.   She was such a trooper today and we are so proud of her.

Now on to my boy!  Cole had some trouble when he got home because Summie was sucking up all of his Mommy's attention.  I need to schedule a Cole/Mommy date stat!

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  1. I'm so glad that things went well! I was thinking of you all day yesterday wondering how it went:)