Saturday, October 1, 2011

We blinked... and they turned 3!

So it has been one crazy busy month and some how writing about it as gotten away from me!  Summer (my daughter) has been telling me all summer (the season) long (hehe) that she is 2 now and will be 3 on her birthday! I just can't believe they are really 3 already!

The month started out with the 3rd birthday of the haztwins!  The kids have been counting down to their birthday all summer long.  We have a lot of July & August birthdays in our family, and by the end they could recite the exact order of everyone's birthday that was before theirs.  And then the day of the party was upon us.  We have had EXTREME amounts of rain here in the past 2 months and luckily the day of the party was not one of them.  We had perfect weather for the half inside/half outside party.  The kids had a blast with the bounce house that I'm so glad that we invested in earlier this summer.  We were so lucky to have so many great family & friends join us for the celebration! 

I let the kids pick their theme from a few choices.  Summer picked Tinkerbell and Cole first picked Cars and then changed to Toy Story!  Aunt Chele made t-shirts for the big day.  Summie's had Tinkerbell on the front and said "Tinkerlou" on the back (a play off her nickname "Summie Lou" short for Summer Louise) and Cole's had Buzz Lightyear on the front and said "Cole Lightyear" on the back. 

What a great day we all had!  I have to take the time to say again as I have from when I was pregnant with the twins (although probably not had the opportunity on here since I didn't start my blog that long ago).  I am constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family.  I quite often get teary when I see the piles of gifts bestowed on our children and the help with the food, setup and cleanup.  I hope you all know how truly blessed I feel to have you all in my life!  Kate & Liz who came the night before to help me clean up, which worked out especially well since Summer decided that she needed Mommy to hold her all night!  My Mother-in-Law who watched the kids the hours before the party so that Jim and I could get the last minute stuff done.  Aunt Patti who came early to help and cooked the pulled pork.  Aunt Judy, Mom H, and Aunt Sis for bringing food.  Juli for making all of the beautiful cupcakes and spinach dip.  It was truly a team effort and I want everyone to know how much I appreciate it.  I love that all of our friends and family were able to spend a beautiful day with us and make lots of precious memories!  I wish we could see each other more often! 
Summie Lou in the bounce house

Cole in the bounce house

Singing Happy Birthday!

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