Monday, October 10, 2011

We fell into FALL...

Well here it is fall already... where does the time go? 

September finished up with a business trip which led right into a pre-planned vacation with just me & my hubby in the fabulous VEGAS!  Unfortunately that meant I was away from my pumpkins for 8 long nights!  It was very nice to get away and be by myself for a few days though.... I didn't turn the TV on once during this time!  Then Jimmy arrived and we got to have some much needed couple time.  We also had the added bonus of spending time with my Las Vegas family.  It was great to visit with my Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Kevin and my cousins, Kevin & Cheryl.  I even got to meet my cousin Cheryl's 7 month old GORGEOUS baby girl, Kylie!  This was defintiely the highlight of my vacation since we are so far away and do not get to see each other very often. 

Jim & I at dinner on our last night in Vegas
The weekend after we returned from Vegas we were all scheduled to go pumpkin picking withkin my twins club.  Unfortunately Cole was too sick to attend, so he stayed home with Jim and Summie & I headed out to the pumpkin patch for a one on one date.  She and I had so much fun.  Of course, we wished our boys could have been there, but the kids really seem to revel in the one on one time when they do get it. 
Summie picked a pumpkin for her and a pumpkin for Cole.  
Tuesday I took my sick kiddos to the doctors and half thought I was panicing and taking them too soon, but Cole was just not acting himself.  One sinus infection (Summer) and a walking pneumonia (Cole) later, we left the doctor's office and heading to the pharmacy with 4 prescriptions in hand!  Oh how I'm hoping that this winter is better then last, but it's not off to such a good start so far!  Luckily we are on the mend for now (fingers crossed!). 

This weekend, we decided to spend some quiet time together at the beach.  We headed down Saturday morning to Sea Isle City where Jim's Aunt Sis has a house.  We decided to check out the Seafood Fest that was happening in the next town over.  It was AWESOME!  They had an entire tent of food (mostly seafood of course).  We settled on a vendor that was selling grilled lobster tail... delicious and I got some of my favorite... Lobster Bisque! It was a fabulously de-stressing weekend.  The kids loved playing with their special toys at the beach house, playing at the playground, feeding the birds on the beach.  And did I mention that the weather was gorgeous!  Some of my family was coincidentally staying 1 street over so we met up on the beach and spent some time relaxing together.  Sometime life is just too busy and the beach is so calming to me more recently.
Fun with Daddy on the playground
another family had a Cole and we posed with their shells :)
The princess of the beach!

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  1. Love the pics Jackie!! So glad that you had a good time away :)