Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cookies, a Bonfire & Boo at the Zoo

The Haztwins just keep having super busy weekends this fall.  Last weekend was no exception! 

It started out with the kids going to Aunt Judy's to bake and decorate Halloween cookies and play for a few hours.  Jim and I were able to run a few errands and have a nice breakfast at a diner while Summer & Cole their own fun.

Cole with his cousins, Noah (6) & Hannah (3)
 Saturday night we went on a family hayride that my step-brother's girlfriend set-up.  The hayride took us back to a private area towards the back of Springdale Farms with 3 bonfires and some picnic tables.  We spent 2 hours eating and enjoying the very warm fires.  The kids were so excited to make hotdogs & marshmallows over the bonfires.  Summer & Cole had a blast playing with their cousins Noah & Hannah.  Afterwards we got a nice shot of my dad & Lenora with all the grandkids.
Summer (3), Hannah (3), Grandma, Grandpa, Cole (3) & Noah (6)
On Sunday, we got up and got out nice and early to head to Boo at the Zoo with Uncle Chris.  We have never gone to this before, but the kids had so much fun!  I'm sure a big part of this had to do with the fact that they got to wear their Halloween costumes. 

Cole got a ton of extra attention for his zookeeper costume as they trick-or-treated throughout the zoo.  One of the zoo workers even made sure to tell me that she knew where he'd be working one day and that they start accepting volunteers at age 14!  The highlight of our day happened at the tiger exhibit.  Cole had brought his stuffed tiger with him and as he stood up against the glass the real live giant tiger walked up to the glass 2 separate times and smacked his paw up against the glass right at Cole!  Cole & I decided that the tiger thought Cole's toy was a baby tiger and was trying to get it.  Cole decided to change his favorite animal from the Puma to the Tiger.  We will see what he says on our next visit! 

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