Monday, August 29, 2011

A visit to Sesame Place...

I've had tickets sitting around all summer to go to Sesame Place!  My cousin, Juli and I set the date to go for today and then Irene decided that she would visit.  She was a very unwelcomed guest over the weekend, that decided she would wreak havoc on the region.  Luckily for us she passed by a little quicker than expected and the weather today wound up being PERFECT! 

It was a little chilly when we arrived at the park... so we opted to begin on the dry rides.  First up was Summie's favorite, the Carousel! Then the balloon ride, the teacups, and the flying fish ride were next.  After changing into our bathing suits we headed for the water areas.  We started with the Count's Splash Castle which Cole absolutely loved and Summie absolutely hated.  In her defense, Juli & I both cringed at the temperature of the water upon stepping in and there were so many jets spraying water in every direction.  She started crying and told me that she didn't want to play anymore.  I saw that Cole had grabbed Aunt Juli by the hand and was dragging her up to the water slides so I quickly guided Summer out of the water trying to avoid as many of the geysers spraying on her as possible.  She decided she would be happier wrapped up in her pink princess towel sitting in a lounge chair then playing in the water.  Cole on the other hand, would have stayed plunging down the frigid water slides despite his almost blue lips all day, but Juli assured him that there were other water rides to get to.  Summie liked the lazy river a tiny bit more and then we went on the Sky Splash, which the rest of us thought was awesome and Summie cried the whole way down.  Cole quickly decided he wanted to go on Slimey's Chutes and Summer was having none of it.  Juli happily took Cole to stand in line while I comforted a crying Summie.  She decided that she wanted to sit in her stroller and she wasn't in there very long before getting stung by a BEE!!!  All of the sudden, she was screaming about a bug and I had no idea what had happened.  Once I realized... I stopped a very nice worker who sent me to the First Aid station.  They put something on her finger to numb it up nicely and gave her a special ice pack and sticker and she was over it quickly! Thank goodness. 
We had a nice little lunch and went on the carousel one more time and the kids were starting to get cranky, so we got some t-shirt souvenirs and headed out of the park.  We were lucky to get on all the rides that we wanted in such a short period of time because the park was not crowded at all!  On our way out we saw Zoey and the kids wanted to stand in line to meet her.  Funny enough when it was our turn they decided that they couldn't go near her on their own.  Once Mommy met Zoey all was ok and we were able to get this great shot!  The kids slept all the way home! 
When I told the kids tonight that we had to get ready for school tomorrow... Cole told me that he wanted to go back to Sesame Place tomorrow! 

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