Monday, August 1, 2011

Work ethic...

I so can't believe that I have not posted in almost a month or that it is already AUGUST!!!! I was just installed at the beginning of July as treasurer for the club that I belong to, South Jersey Mothers of Multiples.  Learning those ropes this month has taken a lot of my "spare" time.  The weekends have been filled with birthday parties, trips to the zoo, trips to the beach and some pool time thrown in there as well.  This past weekend, we went up to my sister's farm to see some family from New York and Las Vegas that were visiting and Sunday/Monday we went to Lancaster to visit Dutch Wonderland (among other things.). We have just been having so much fun that I don't know where to be begin.  I will do a catch up post with pictures, but let me take this time to tell you about a little conversation that we had in the car today with Summer.  Jim and I had the day off and were taking the kids to dinner with his mom. 

Summer: We are going to dinner with Mom-mom and Pop-pop
Us: Just Mom-mom is going to dinner with us, Pop-pop is still working
Summer: Pop-pop is working? He has to make the money?
Jim: Yes, he has to make the money.  One day you will work and make the money
Summer: No Daddy, I'm too little to work!

I just love how that girl's mind works.  Very observant!

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