Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A beautiful Saturday at the beach...

This past Saturday we headed back down to Sea Isle City for the day.  The kids LOVE the beach and ask constantly when we are going to Aunt Sissy's house.  They love the whole process of getting their bathing suits and sunscreen on.  After you spray her whole body, Summer puts out her hands and says now faces time. She wants you to spray it on her hands so that she can do her face by herself.  My girl is so grown up! Or thinks she is anyway.  They love getting their toys out and their beach chairs all ready to go.  Summie had fun this time packing a bag of snacks with Aunt Sis to bring to the beach.  She was so proud of herself and they immediately wanted to eat the snacks when we arrived at the beach!  Jim and I are definitely enjoying the beach ourselves more now that the kids are around. 


Double fisting the buckets of water for the sand castle

Eating ice cream on the steps

Wearing Uncle Len's helmut

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