Thursday, July 7, 2011

the book store

This weekend for the first time ever, we took the kids to the book store and let them each pick out one book for new Baby Owen and one book for themselves.  Summer was really excited and picked up the first brightly colored book that was displayed upright on the table as we walked into the section.  We walked around with her carrying the book in search of books that Cole would like and other possible choices for Summie.  Cole found a few possibilities and we should Summie a few too, she shook her head and proudly held up the book in her hands and declared "Colwey!  I'm getting Chick n da boom boom (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom)!"  Here I had been trying to talk her out of the book because I never read it and she had been reading it at school.  Needless to say, I did not make another attempt to deter her from her selection.  After scouring the children's section we finally found some Toy Story books that were age appropriate (Cole actually got 2 of these since they were smaller than Summer's).  We also made a stop by the infant books and they each were proud to pick out a gift and later give them to their new cousin, Baby Owen!

We have now been reading these books quite regularly.  They seem even more excited to read these books that they picked themselves.  They are trying to recite the words along with me.  Summer grabs her "Piggy" (Ham) stuffed animal to show him that he is in the Toy Story books and Cole tells me all about what is happening in the pictures.  They love identifying the alphabet in Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (if you haven't seen this book yet and have small children you should definitely get it!).  Summer also likes to read as if she is the teacher.  She pulls up a chair and holds the book in front of her so we can see it and "reads" the book to us.... SO CUTE!

Does anyone have any great children's book suggestions for me??

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  1. How fun :)

    We like pretty much anything by Sandra Boynton. Sophie is all about Thomas {shocker}, Clifford, Biscuit and Elmo. Bella loves lift the flap books and anything with brightly colored animals. Oh and Spot books. Woohoo :)