Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ringing in my 30th... a bit early

We've been trying to spend more time down the shore this year because the kids have been loving it.  Jim's Aunt Sis has a house nicely situated about 2 blocks from the beach and 2 blocks from a very nice playground.  I grew up in a town where you could literally walk to everything and coming to visit a place that is like that is so refreshing.  We were supposed to come last weekend, but Cole got a virus and was pretty sick all week so we bagged the trip.  This week we decided to get an early start and leave as soon as Jim got home from work Friday night at around 8pm so that we would hopefully hit as little traffic as possible and we'd be able to put the kids right in bed when we got here. 
After a lazy morning and breakfast, Jim and I took the kids to the playground.  The kids got hot quick so after they ate their picnic lunch we went to head home and Jim suggested we take the long way home.  I liked this idea, but if you know Jim you understand why I thought this a bit strange but just went along with it anyway.  Cole fell asleep in the stroller of course as he always does and Summie chattered the entire way.  When we got back I was shocked to see that my in-laws had all arrived and decorated the house to surprise me for my birthday.  My wonderful hubby had arranged for this nice little party at the beach with lots of good food after I had said that I didn't want anything big. And what party for me would be complete without my favorite cake from McMillans... yum!  (yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing if anyone is interested to know... it is to die for!)  After lunch, presents (the Wii, a few games to go with it, Margaritas, fancy glasses and some gift cards) and a failed attempt to get the kids to take a nap... the whole  family headed to the beach.  So far this year, Summer has not ventured into the ocean... not even a toe!  Today you would have never been able to tell that.  She was jumping in the waves and was absolutely fearless today!  And Cole had tons of fun throwing his new Cars football around on the beach with the boys!   It was really a great way to spend an early birthday (I won't really be 30 until July 4th).
Thanks to Jim, Summer, Cole, Mom & Dad Haz, Chris, Michele, Aunt Sis, Uncle Len, Aunt Judy & Uncle Bob for such an awesome day! 

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