Thursday, January 16, 2014

The blessings that I wear every day...

Linking up again with my friend Aurie to Count My Blessings...
I'm not one to change my jewelry much.  I basically wear the same stuff almost every day only changing it up for special occasions.  And pretty much all of the jewelry that I currently wear was gifted to me and I am very thankful for what this jewelry means to me. 
My rings... include my engagement ring that I received in front of Cinderella's castle in Disney World, my wedding band and my Tiffany notes band that my hubby gifted me for our 5 year wedding anniversary.
My earrings... these heart studs were a congratulations gift that I bought myself at Tiffany's in NYC on a trip with some of my family on the day that I found out I got my first job out of college.  I have worn them almost constantly since then and just celebrated my 10 year anniversary with my company yesterday!  

My bracelet... my Pandora bracelet and pink heart charm were gifted to me by my Dad & Stepmom for my 31st birthday.  I bought the Cinderella carriage charm in Disney World.  Jim bought me the S & C block charms last Christmas and the cat and heart with love in several languages for Mother's Day. 

My necklace... my Origami Owl necklace that my dear sister-in-law gifted me last Christmas.  It was a total surprise and came complete with charms that mean a lot to me. An Eiffel Tower, a heart that says "Sister", a treble clef, a starfish and the kids' birthstone. 

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  1. What pretty pieces :) Every time we stand in front of the castle I think about you guys!!