Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some weeks are tougher than others

Some weeks breeze right by and before we know it we're at the end, but others just seem to never end and have lots of stumbles...

Last week was one of the weeks.  Nothing absolutely awful and unrecoverable happened, but just a bunch of little bumps that made for a very LONG week. 

I'm working on rolling out some new software at work and that has made for 4 trips to our Lawrenceville office in the last 2 weeks which is a rarity for me.  Let's just say there is a tad more traffic traversing up 295 than my normal trek down the shore.  In the end this will be a very good thing, but when we're already in our very busy year end... adding more training and hashing out new routines is making for more hours, which thankfully can be done remotely. 

Tuesday morning I woke up to Summer at my bedside crying that her right ear hurt.  While I was thankful that it wasn't the ear we spent close to a year trying to heal from the problems caused from her tube falling out... I was very concerned.  You see in all the ear infections, sinus infections and usually inflamed tonsils.... this chick has NEVER complained that something hurt.  Not EVER!  She would not remove her hand from her ear.  After giving her some medicine to help with the pain, my MIL was able to watch her so I could head to work until the doctor's office opened and call for an appointment.  Our physician's assistant who has seen us through all of our illnesses took a peek in her ear and said well thank goodness she finally complained of pain because this is the worst ear infection she had seen in over a year.  She expected that it would rupture so we were prescribed ear drops on top of an antibiotic.  Oh what a treat it is to pin your child down as she screams like you are stabbing her all while trying to count ear drops actually making it into her ear.  She also wanted it wiped out constantly since it was draining from rupturing.  Lots of fun, but could be worse :) 

Cole has trouble staying dry through the night.  He doesn't want to wear pull-ups anymore to bed and can stay dry most nights if we put him on the potty before we head to bed.  But not always.  This week it seemed to be every night that he was getting up wet... which means changing sheets and changing clothes in the middle of the night. 

Add in Jim getting sick again last week.... he finally was able to get in to see the doctor of Friday and has another sinus infection.  Last night I went to bed not feeling well and between the kids both getting up a record number of times in one night and me struggling to sleep as it was.... it was a very rough night.  Luckily realized how rough a night I had and let me sleep until I was feeling better keeping the kids occupied downstairs. 

Here's hoping for a less bumpy week....


  1. Here's to a smooth week for you my friend!!

  2. Awe - what a rough week! I'm hoping this has been better, and that Summer and Jim are both on the mend!