Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sometimes a good lesson is learned....

If you are a mother I'm sure that you can relate to often feeling like maybe you could be doing a better job at something.  Lately I've been feeling pulled in too many directions.  It's my least favorite time of year at work.... year end.  Blah.... add in some snow storms, sick days, the holidays, extra projects and some days I feel like I have so many hats that I'm not really doing a good job at any of them.  But some days something happens that makes me smile and I remember what I'm doing it all for.  My family. 

I've had 2 such examples in the past few days that just warms my heart so much and reminds me that no parents are perfect, but that we are raising thoughtful children.

A Disney commercial came on TV.  We have a Disney timeshare and the kids have already been to Disney a few times, but now that they are at an age to understand we try to emphasize how much the trips cost and have them save money for their own souvenirs.  Upon seeing the commercial both kids said how much fun we had in Disney this past September.  Summer then turned to me and said thank you Mommy for spending all the money on our trip.... it was so much fun!  And Cole agreed!  We got through to them and their deep appreciation warmed my heart! 

Lots of snow!  Snow, snow, snow yesterday and Jim was stuck at work.  Like literally stuck there.  They were allowed to leave at 1pm and after 40 minutes he still wasn't out of the parking lot of the complex.  All roads were gridlocked so he went back into the building to wait and finally got home 4 hours after being dismissed.  So we were home and I decided I needed to shovel and yes I am still in an immobilizer boot, so I had one snow boot and one large red Target bag tied around my other boot to head out for shoveling and the kids came out too.  My sister had gotten them these tiny snow shovels a few years ago and they went to town.  They were so into it that they didn't want to sled down the hill or play, they wanted to help shovel.... I decided it was a good time we learned a very important lesson about helping others.  My neighbor recently lost her husband so I sent them over to work on her steps.  They worked together as a team and did an amazing job.  And the best part.... she and her elderly mother were sitting at the table by the front window and the look of complete delight on their faces and they watched these tiny 5 year olds clearing the steps made my heart so happy.  She came to the door and thanked them and oohed and aahed over them.  Then she slipped them a little something for their hard work and they said, THANK YOU! (when we got home we discussed that although it is nice to get rewarded for helping, that we help because it is the right thing to do and we never ask for money).  After this Summer was ready to head inside, but Cole wasn't finished so I sent him to the neighbor on the other side to clear off what had come since she had been out to shovel.  He worked so hard and made sure every drop of snow was cleared off of those steps.  Here are some pictures of my little cuties. 

Makes me happy that even though I'm not with them so much of the time that once in awhile I do get through to them about something important to me...


  1. This is awesome :) I'm so glad that the twins were so happy to help out in such cold weather!!

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