Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for my Summie Lou...

My baby girl (again... only by a minute), Summer Louise or as she asks me to write on everything... Summer Woo (how she pronounces Lou) Hazlett.  My bossy but delicate pink princess. 

I love that she needs 3 kisses and 3 hugs every night at bedtime and when I leave for work in the morning

I love that she believes that she is Cole's mother (even though I'm pretty sure he is not too happy about this) and how she mommies her baby doll who she recently named "Summer"

I love that she is a strong willed, determined little girl that already wants to do everything for herself, because I think this will be very important for her later in life (even though she can become a bit violent when her friends when they don't comply... but we are working on this and she is doing much better)

I love that she are beginning to accept other colors into her wardrobe because it is not as easy as you would think to stock a closet with only pink dresses! (currently pink, purple and orange are allowed)

I love that she already wants to be a teacher at the age of 3 (and already knows just how to be one) and will pull a chair to the center of the room to review your colors with you or read you a book

I love how she would much rather play with cups and bowls and spoons then actual toys.  She is constantly asking "whatchu want Mommy?" and then serving me pretend coffee and food after she rings it up on my big calculator.

I love how she can already give me driving directions and can actually accurately navigate me to certain places like school and Mom-mom's house. 

I love reliving my childhood through watching her grow up (it is just amazing to me that by mixing mine & Jim's DNA together we got an exact replica of me!)

I hope you remain Mommy's big helper and best girlfriend forever!