Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our last day in Disney...


My initial plan was to spend all day at Magic Kingdom on Friday finishing up things we hadn’t gotten to yet.  However, since we hoped back into Magic Kingdom so many other days when we finished up at other parks we decided to start the day at EPCOT.  We drove over and headed in the gates…. I hit Starbucks and discovered that I could use snacks from my meal plan for our Frappuccinos!  And Jim headed to get us all Fast Passes for Test Track since everyone enjoyed it so much.  Then we headed over for my very favorite ride Soarin’ with only a 10 minute wait!!!! Unbelievable!  I was super excited that everyone was tall enough to go on this ride (40”) since Summer wasn’t tall enough last year.  It was so much fun and Summer had a blast.  Cole…. Not so much, but he was brave and powered through for me.  Then it was time for Test Track!  The kids had so much fun that they wanted to ride it again, but Daddy had to leave to check in on our rental home so we got our own Fast Pass tickets and then headed over to see Belle in France.  Summer then reminded me that it was snack time so we found her favorite Funnel Cake and shared while waiting for Jasmine & Aladdin.  After pictures and autographs with them… we took the boat back towards Test Track!  I was a bit nervous to be taking both of them on the ride by myself but we did great and then Daddy was back to meet us for lunch.  After a yummy lunch in Mexico we headed back to park at our hotel and head into Magic Kingdom for the last time. 


First stop… Tinkerbelle!  The line was a bit long, but air conditioned and with a TV playing a Tinkerbelle movie.  We got to see Tinkerbelle and Rosetta!  Summer loves Tinkerbelle… she’s been her the last 2 years for Halloween and probably would be her again if it wasn’t for Sofia coming out. 

Next we hit Small World again… then Summer & Jim went back on Thunder Mountain (10 minute standby line!).  When they got off Cole decided he wanted to do Splash Mountain to see Brer Bear and Brer Fox from the ride videos that Jim had showed him on you-tube.  And that was only a 10 minute wait too!  It was great!  Cole was nervous for the big drop, but Summer was not at all.  In the picture (which is of the monitor taken with my phone so not super clear), she is giggling with her hands straight up!

Then we got a snack on the way to the boat to the Polynesian.  We had a great dinner at O’hana luckily with activities for the kids and then headed back to our hotel before the water slide closed.  We had some great pool times. 

Cole is a huge rule follower so when the lifeguards started getting the nets prepared to close the slides he wouldn’t go on the slides again and tried to stop Summer from going until we asked the lifeguard how much time was left.  It turns out he thought they’d put the nets up without warning and he’d get stuck coming down the slide.  Then it was time to pack for home and have one last red velvet cupcake from the Contemporary, which I know I am just mentioning now…. But they are to die for and we had quite a few this week. 

Our week was full of fun, giggles, firsts, and thank yous but was not free of meltdowns and disagreements.  However, there were more smiles than frowns and really with a crazy on the go trip of this nature…. That’s really all you can ask for.  Especially when we usually spend 10 hours a day away from each other and are not used to being together 24/7 for an entire week.  We made lots of fun memories together as a family of four and I’m already working on the timing for our next Disney trip in probably about 2 years.  Like the sign says when you leave Disney “See you real soon!”

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  1. Ahh! Now I can't wait until October next year!! We saw Tinkerbell and Silvermist; but Sophie really REALLY wants to see {and be!} Vidia. Wonder if she'll be there?!