Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another day in Disney...


Tuesday was our planned day out of the parks...

We started off with our very first visit to Chef Mickey's!

Mommy epic fail.... I forgot the autograph books, but luckily we had already gotten autographs from all of the characters that would be there so the kids were ok with just getting pictures. 

After a yummy breakfast with the characters.... we got ready to hit the pool!  Which was basically.... let's go on the huge waterslide over and over and over.  Summer was really nervous but got over her fear and decide to try it and LOVED it.  In the picture below you can just about see her brown hair in the splash right below the slide!  What a brave girl that doesn't mind her face getting wet anymore. 
Then Cole decided that he was going to talk me into joining them on the waterslide!  He told me that it wasn't scary and that he would hold my hand up to the top of the 20 foot waterslide.  Then he told me how to sit so that I didn't go to fast and to wait for the light at the top to change from red to green before I went.  After we've been trying to convince him not to be scared and try certain rides I had to take my own advice and his and try the slide.  What a fun morning.  After some lunch and relaxing in our room... we headed over to Downtown Disney for some shopping and dinner. 

We had our very first visit to the Lego store and Cole chose a very nice little starter set of Lego City collection.  He was super excited and couldn't wait to get back to our room to put it together.  I couldn't believe that when we did get back after dinner that he sat at the table with Jim for over 2 hours to put it all together!!! We checked out a few of our other favorite stores and then got to meet up with a friend that recently relocated to the area just before our dinner reservation...
It was so nice to give her a hug and see her sweet girls and their little toes!  Cole & Summer enjoyed seeing some other twins and then told me later... those twins look the same, not like us we don't look the same! 
Then it was time for dinner at Raglan Road that is probably my favorite place to eat in Disney World.  It is a Irish Pub and so delicious!  They also have Irish entertainment every night.  Either dancers or bands, etc.    Summer got invited up on the stage to dance with the Irish dancers and she was so excited and did such a great job! 
I need to figure out how to post videos to my blog.... as soon as I do I'll post the video of her on the stage! 
When we got back to our room.... the boys got to work on building the legos.  It was hard for me to not jump in since I'm the typically putter together in our family.  Summer also was having a tough time without daddy's attention so I took her for a walk to get some drinks to kill some time.  Cole was SO excited and has played with his Legos every time we've been back in our room!  

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  1. Yay - what great memories!! The girls LOVE the Lego Store at Downtown Disney, it's always our first stop :)