Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Magic....

Monday - Animal Kingdom

First on the list.... the Safari!!!!!   And Cole had to go on the rapids with Daddy while Summer shopped with Mommy and found a dress that she wanted to buy with her money! 

We love that we can see lots of elephants since they are no longer at our zoo

Beautiful shot of the Lion since they are usually sleeping!

Afterwards we had to find the Mickey shaped pretzels for our snacks! 

Then we saw some characters....

Then we headed back to our hotel for some downtime and did some school work on our break... 
Just as we headed out for the boat to dinner the skies opened up and rain poured down in buckets.  Luckily we were able to run to a covered walkway and stayed there until it passed in a few minutes.  Then it cleared right up and we finished our trip to dinner...

And what a nice birthday surprise with dessert.... 2 cupcakes with candles and our waitress had the entire restaurant sing happy birthday to Summer & Cole! 

After dinner... we hopped on another boat and headed into Magic Kingdom.... we got fast passes to see the princesses and Mickey and then headed off for a couple of rides before our timeslots.  We attempted to go on Buzz Lightyear, but Cole chickened out (it is not scary but sometimes they think things are scary based on the character in it (Zurg) or if it looks dark inside.  We are working on overcoming that and this trip has been way better in that regard than last year.  Next we decided to try Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.  Cole tried to back out again, but we talked through it and he wound up LOVING it.  Then it was time for the princesses!  When we got in the fastpass return line we were the second group in to see them!

The kids were rubbing their eyes at this point, so we decided to see Mickey while we were there and then head back for the night.  And guess what.... since it was during the electric light parade and close to firework time.  Everyone was out staking out the best spots while we got a PRIVATE audience with Mickey Mouse!  We walked right in and had the room all to ourselves with him.  Talk about a magical night!  

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  1. Wow - what a great visit you are having :) Sophie will go into the room to see the Princesses, but only Bella will actually go and meet them. I totally forget that you can fastpass that - I need to remember that for our next trip!