Friday, August 30, 2013

Evolving goals....

In January I decided that I was going to become a runner.  If you missed that post, you can read about that here.  Unfortunately I have had a few stumbles along the way and have needed to change my goals up a bit, but they still involve getting more fit and I think I've done really well for never having a set fitness plan in the past. Several weeks into the Couch 2 5K app that I downloaded I was doing well though moving through it more slowly than I expected and needed to repeat a few weeks.  I didn't let this discourage me after seeking advice from some runner friends.  I decided to register for a 5k with a group of my multiple mommies in July.  Unfortunately soon after registering for the 5k the pain that I had been trying to push through got worse and I started having trouble even walking without pain.... so off to the doctor I went. 
I had already of course self-diagnosed myself via WebMD and the doctor confirmed that I had plantar fasciitis.  Running had to stop while I worked on healing.  I rested, iced, stretched for a month and it was getting better but still not enough for running which is the worst possible activity for it.  After getting some good insoles from my doctor, I decided I needed to find another activity in the meantime because I was still determined to get in better shape.  I had been to a Zumba class with my multiples club in January and had been given 2 free classes to come back so I decided to take the leap. 
This gym was very appealing to me even though it is a 20 minute drive.... I didn't have to sign a contract.... I could pay class to class or buy a package of classes, but no monthly fees.  Since I wasn't ready to make a huge commitment that I couldn't back out of this was a big plus for me.  Plus they have a childcare room at night and on the weekends that I can use as needed for $2/kid.  Since Jim has to work several rotating late nights a month this would enable me to keep a routine if I found a class that I really liked.  And where can you get a babysitter for 2 kids for $4??
My first class was interesting to say the least.... a huge room absolutely packed and I had no idea of any of the choreography.  I was pretty lost, but still had fun and sweat my butt off!  I tried out some different teachers and have found the ones that I like the best and although it's not easy on our schedule for me to be out of the house a few extra nights a week Jim is super supportive of my need to do this.  For 2 solid months I was going to at least 2 but mostly 3 classes a week.  Then I skipped a couple steps down the shore and sprained my ankle at the end of May so had to take a bit of a break, but I'm back into the swing of things now. 
I am down about 7 pounds at this point which isn't as much as I was hoping for, but have definitely trimmed and toned on top of that so that makes me feel better.  I have more energy and it feels good that I am sticking with a program that works for me.  I am still hoping to try the running again, but my former musical theater geek self loves that I'm dancing again!  I did do the 5k that I signed up for although I walked instead of running... and I'm ok with that too. 
Besides Jim.... the kids have been super supportive of me shaping up.  Summer especially LOVES to go to the gym with me and helps me color coordinate my outfits.  She loves the bright colors of my workout tanks. 
I'm back into a routine of going 3 times a week (at least 2 if our schedule is too tight).  This month since my Thursday Zumba instructor is away... I decided to take a stab at Bosu bootcamp with my baby sis.  Which is exercising on a half ball with weights, etc. I have never prayed for 60 minutes to tick by more quickly in my life.  But I did make it through 4 classes so far without falling or dropping the weights and it's getting a little bit easier each week.  Although I have contemplated sneaking out while the instructor had his eyes closed during the first 30 minutes... it was that tough! And this week I got punched in the hand with weights by the girl next to me (total accident...  just a bit too close)
Last but not least.... my biggest feat of the moment is kicking my Coke (a Cola) habit!  It's been about a month and I cheat here and there..... but I have cut out the majority of sugary beverages from my diet.  Still having them here and there, but I was having way too many a day! 
My next goal is keeping up a fitness routine as we move into a new school/work routine.  The kids start kindergarten next week, I'm going to be getting up earlier for work, and they are each doing 1 activity per week (dance and soccer).  Wish me luck!  

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