Friday, August 23, 2013

Make our own Disney Autograph Books

I have severely neglected my blog this summer....

But I'm back and we are gearing up for a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth (seriously just learned that Disneyland in Cali is the Happiest Place on Earth - I've be calling it wrong all this time!)...

In my opinion Disney does a lot of things right on the money, however they have gotten the autograph book completely wrong!  You really have two choices if you purchase autograph books in Disney World.

This option give you 100 pages for plenty of autographs but it is kind of small and then both kids' books look the same!

This option is available in many different characters and designs, so each kid can get a different book.  Plus there are photo sleeves to add pictures with each character.  However, there are only 12-15 pages for characters to sign!  Since we do a several character meals that usually have 5 characters each and then stand in line for characters too.... we've had to buy additional books!

This year I decided that I needed to find a different option before I headed to Disney World.   So I searched Etsy and found something that I liked but it was a bit too small.... so I sought advice from my multiples club..... and then I decided that I could make my OWN! 
I found a chipboard kit at Michael's with 7 x 6.5 inch covers with holes punched for binding (it came with larger pieces as well that I'll save for something else) and rings ... the kit cost $5
I also found white card stock pre-cut to the appropriate size for the covers.... a pack of 75 sheets cost $5
And I got a bottle of tacky glue for $2
Plus I had a coupon.... so I got all supplies for less than $10 and I already had plenty of Disney paper in my old scrapbooking stash. 
The most time consuming part of the project was marking and punching holes in the 75 pieces of cardstock!  Then I chose paper for each side of the chipboard, cut the paper, spread the tacky glue with a sponge brush and adhered the paper.  I added a few embellishments and voila!
Summer's front cover

Inside Summer's

Summer's back cover
Cole's front cover

Inside Cole's
Cole's back cover
 I'm pretty please with how they came out.... especially since I haven't touched my scrapbooking supplies in quite some time! 

I also had an idea given to me by a few people to get a photo mat for character meal autographs.  So I have purchased one for each child to take to their special character meal that I can later from with a picture from the trip! 

Keep watching for more Disney vacation prep!  Especially since this is our first BIRTHDAY celebration trip! 


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  1. Fun, fun!! I love the idea of the photo mat - I'm going to remember that for next year :) Hope you have a GREAT time!