Saturday, June 9, 2012

Playing catch up

Oh we've been busy these past few months...

The next generation of cousins (The Hazletts, the Days and the Neals)

In our Easter finest
Aquarium fun...
A ride on the boat

Lizzie the Hippo

Cousin Sleepover...
My sister and I decided to try sleepovers with the kids.  But instead of having all 4 kids in one locations, I took the girls (Summer & Hannah) and Kim took the boys (Cole & Noah).  It was a HUGE success.  I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed myself.  I got to spend a lot of time with my nephew Noah was he was born and for at least the first 2-3 years of his life.  It was really nice to get to be an aunt before I was a mom.  Hannah was born when I was 3 months pregnant with the twins, so needless to say... I did not get this bonding time with her. 
I was a bit nervous because typically when all 4 cousins are together, Cole, Noah & Hannah play together and Summer plays tea party in the corner.  I wanted to plan some activities out of the house because I wasn't sure if Hannah would be thrilled with Summer's plan of playing babydolls and dress-up for the entire weekend. 
First up was painting pottery....  Summer picked a high heel cell phone holder (because every girl needs more shoes!) and Hannah picked a Lightning McQueen bank.  This was a huge hit for both girls. 

Once we were home, Hannah quickly got into playing dress-up (and it was the first thing that she asked me to get out on Sunday morning!) and daycare with the babies.

Saturday night was spent at Bounce U, which was another huge hit for both girls.  Check them out on the HUGE slide!  They probably went down 100 times! 

Then on Sunday morning, we headed to the aquarium with Aunt Yiz.  Both girls chose their own outfits.  But I'm glad that my girly girl daughter and my tom boy niece had a super fun weekend that they could both enjoy!  And I really enjoyed getting to spend some special time with my hilarious, fun, well behaved, appreciative niece.  It was so nice to get some quality bonding time with her.  

Cole also had a super fantastic time at Aunt Kim's farm.  She has a lot of built in entertainment at her farm.  

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