Sunday, July 1, 2012

The simple things that make kids happiest...

Today we visited some twinnie friends for a day of swimming, playing and picking some fresh corn from their farm.  Our day was complete with scooping some froggies from the pool before we could swim in it, swimming, floating, splashing, noodle races, snacking on popsicles and fruit, more floating.... several hours later we picked some fresh corn for lunch and played.  When it was time each of the kids were asked what their favorite thing about our play date was.  Both sets of twinnies (ages 7 and almost 4) said picking the corn... even the set that live on the farm!  An entire day of swimming fun and the 5 minute task of picking food to eat was their favorite part.  It's funny sometimes the time and energy we put into planning activities to keep our kids entertained and sometimes it is the simplest things that make them happiest!

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  1. I love that last pic of Summer in her sunglasses :)