Friday, March 2, 2012

The best of friends...

My dear sweet Coley Boley...  Cole has long been my cuddle buddy, but he's had a tough relationship with his sister.  I don't half blame him as she does think that she is his mother and coddles him incessantly.  He allows this when she is feeding him, but shoves it away when she is trying to wipe his hiney.  I am so excited to see that he has recently asserted himself as her BIG brother!  He is constantly now watching out for her and helps encourage her when she is frustrated.  Summer recently had her first field trip at school, while it was Cole's second.  (We decided to separate the kids in daycare last year and it was a wonderful decision for everyone.) All of the kids have to wear a BLUE school shirt to the field trips.  If you know Summer, you know this is a problem as the only colors that she will allow in her wardrobe are pink & purple.  I began preparing her for the color of her attire for the field trip a week in advance.  We were in discussions about it and Cole spoke right up.  He said, "Summer, I need to tell you something.  You can pretend it is purple."  I was so proud of my boy for coming up with something so clever to encourage his sister.  Each day as I reminded her of the blue shirt coming up, he would remind her that she was going to pretend it was purple.  When it came time to wear the blue shirt, it was no problem at all!

I have recently seen my two absolute opposite twinnies become close friends and I'm so happy that this has been the long term outcome of us deciding to separate them at school.  I'm not going to proclaim that it is sunshine and roses all of the time, but we've come a far, far way from last. year. 

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