Monday, January 14, 2013

Looking forward to 2013

I can't believe we've entered another year already.  Looking back at all we've done this year... We had our carpets on the main level taken out and replaced with laminant flooring (we had the kids' room done at the end of 2011) as recommended by our allergist for Cole's asthma/allergies. Our oven broke, our washer broke and our dryer broke (luckily the washer was still under warranty) but the rest were old and needed replacing), I had my gallbladder removed in March. We lost several beloved members of our family.  Cole had his 5th bout of pneumonia in August which prompted my decision to switch allergists to CHOP and I am SO happy that we did this.  It has made a huge difference in his health.  We discovered that Summer is allergic to milk, which has completely changed the quality of her life.  She is happier and nicer, her craddle cap clears up when her diet is kept strict and her nose has finally stopped running constantly!  I only wish that we had discovered that this was the cause of most of her issues sooner.  Summer & Cole started Pre-K at daycare in September and I am absolutely amazed by how much they have learned so far!  We enjoyed a week in Disney World in October with my in-laws (you can read about our week in previous posts).  And we had a fabulous holiday season.  The kids are really starting to understand and get so excited for all of the celebrations, decorations and holiday cheer.
January marks 9 years at my job and 5 years from our successful IVF cycle that resulted in our beautiful twins.  Looking forward to what another year will hold for our family.  We know for sure that means registering for and starting kindergarten and another trip to Disney World in September.  I'm sure it will also include trips to the aquarium before our membership expires in March, trips to the zoo thanks to our membership from Nonna & Poppy, and trips to Sea Isle for the beach and the rides.  We hope to do a few more renovations to the house as well during the year.  Keep checking in and I will do my best to update more frequently this year. 

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