Sunday, February 12, 2012

February is chugging along...

3in30 Challenge

Well this week was certainly interesting in the haztwins family...  Jim had the week off for home renovations.  Don't worry for those of you who know him very well, he was not actually performing the renovations just supervising.  We got new doors, new floors and a new oven!  Pictures to come soon.  Anyway this week was a bit challenging for accomplishing my goals, but I think I did pretty well. 

1) Create and stick to a weekly laundry schedule. - The laundry schedule has been created and a lot of laundry has been done.  This week I'm hoping to actually stick to the schedule and do a little bit of laundry each night. 
2) Organize, sort & tag for my March consignment sale. - I have not done this at all this week, but next weekend is pretty much blocked out for this purpose.  My husband is even planning to take the kids on an excursion on his own to assist. 
3) Try some fun new menu options for me & Summer. - Slightly challenging since I got my new oven on Tuesday and then had my dining room table and entertainment center packed into my kitchen for my new floors to be done... so I could not exactly get to it.  However, I was determined.  I found a recipe online from a mom that created a dairy-free and gluten-free cookbook for her children.  I wanted to try one of the recipes before I decide to buy the cookbook.  One of Summie's favorite things is chicken nuggets and since most breadcrumbs have milk as an ingredient this is a difficulty.  So we made oven fried fritos chicken with homemade honey mustard sauce.  The kids were so excited to help me crush up the corn chips and watch me make the chicken.  We invited over my in-laws who had watched the kids most of the day so we could put the furniture back.  And everyone agreed that it was delicious!  Now that I have a functional oven after 3 weeks, I'm so excited to try more new things.

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  1. ooh...yum! Sounds like you have made major changes at your house - can't wait to see them!