Sunday, April 10, 2011

The tale of the broken washing machine...

Our saga began late Wednesday night or quite possibly very early Thursday morning when I arrived home from my SJMOMs (South Jersey Mothers of Multiples) meeting and headed to the basement to change the laundry, only to find that it was BROKEN.  Full of water and not wanting to spin at all.  Ugh... of course I'm never as caught up as I'd like to be with the laundry and with 2 year old twins the laundry just continues to pile up.  Especially with Cole starting to wear underwear at school now. 
Thursday, I had plans to go to my friend Katie's with the kids for dinner.  Another friend was there with her 3 year old daughter and once Summie & Cole warmed up to the situation, they had a blast playing together.  Unfortunately, I forgot the Cole had underwear on and he has not quite learned to ask to go so he had a bit of an accident.  I brought a load of laundry with me to do while we were there since I needed some things to hold us over until the weekend. 
Friday night we decided to go and buy a new washer when Jim arrived home from work.  Summer was really excited to go shopping for a washing machine and of course asked if we could get a pink one, but Cole decided he would rather stay home with Mom-mom and Pop-pop and they were quick to oblige his request.  Summer had a great time out with Mommy & Daddy for some alone shopping time. 
Saturday was consumed with traveling around to different family members' houses to do laundry and let the kids play.  In the morning we headed to Nonna & Poppy's house so that we could walk to the playground while the laundry washed.  Kate came with us to the park and boy did we have a great time.  They had so much fun running up and down the stairs and sliding down the slides.  After about a million times down the various slides we headed to the swings.  Summer was so excited on the swing that she happily squealed "Mommy look at me... I'm flying!"  Cole tells everyone when asked about the swings that he "fell down two times".  Poor guy :(  Oh and Summie was quite the fashionista in a grey dress with colorful polka dots, black leggings, pink Mickey crocs and non other than a cheetah print fur (faux) coat un-zipped of course! What the people in the park must have thought about the mother that allowed her out of the house like that :)
We had lunch before leaving and Cole followed Poppy around like a little puppy.  It was so cute!  He wanted to sit down right next to him and watch everything that he did.  Giggling when he thought things were funny. 
We headed home for a nap and then went to Mom-mom & Pop-pop's for dinner and more laundry.  The kids have their own room here with lots of toys so they had a ball playing and eating all of Mom-mom's treats.  Our new washer is to be delivered on Wednesday and I am so excited for it to come!  Hopefully this will be the end of our laundry saga, but we made the best of it and tried to have fun in the process.

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  1. I can not imagine being without a washer!! Ugh. So glad that you were able to get a new one :) Is it pink?!?! LOL!