Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter celebrations

I hope that everyone had a truly wonderful Easter.  The haztwins most certainly did!

We woke up at our usual time and I told the kids to go wake Daddy and tell him that the Easter Bunny came so that we could go see what he brought.  Summie immediately asked "something pink?"... her usual question these days.  They went and told Jim to wake up and we all meandered downstairs.  They were very excited to see that he brought them each SUNGLASSES (Summer = pink Minnie Mouse, Cole = blue Nemo), a bathing suit, a mini color wonder book and markers, and the piece de resistance.... a toddler digital camera!  While they were both very excited by this gift... Summie is obsessed.  She carried it around the entire day, through meals and egg hunts.  As of today she has filled the memory at least 4 times. 
Mom-mom & Pop-pop stopped over for a bit of a visit with some more presents. 
Then it was off to Nonna & Poppy's for brunch!  We had a delicious meal with TONS of good food.  Got to see some special visitors.... Aunt Denise, Uncle Jimmie & Emilie (or Emi as the kids call her) and new baby Owen!  We also celebrated Kiernan's 2nd birthday with cupcakes... yummy!  Then it was outside for an egg hunt.  Summie decided that any blue eggs that she picked up or the ones that looked like sports balls needed to be given to the boys in exchange for their pink eggs.  Noah wasn't especially into this concept so she gave up on him and traded with her brother instead. 
After we finished up... it was off to Grandma & Grandpa's for dinner.  Dinner was great and then another egg hunt!  The kids had so much fun ALL DAY.   Once we were finished, we stopped at Mom-mom & Pop-pop's for a quick visit to wish Uncle Chris (or Kiss as they call him) a Happy Birthday!  The kids went last week for egg dying and an egg hunt there! 
We are so blessed to have so many wonderful family members.  I tend to get a bit overwhelmed with how we will fit everyone in and make everyone happy and not feel left out.  This year, I think I finally found the balance and did my best to go with the kids' flow and spread things out.  It went much more smoothly this time, which makes me very happy.  Maybe I'm finally figuring this out!

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  1. You are :)

    So glad that you all had a great weekend!