Saturday, April 5, 2014

A busy Spring is here!

I'm very thankful that this snowy, frigid winter is behind us and hopeful that better weather awaits us this spring and summer.  2014 is already speeding by before our eyes.  It is hard to believe that in just 2 1/2 more months the Haztwins will be finished with kindergarten!  What?!?!  When the heck did that happen!

Utilizing our zoo membership as it gets warmer!

We've had a CRAZY winter.... with 8 school closings and 4 two-hour delays that resulted in no AM kindergarten.... I don't think there were many weeks that the kids didn't have at least 1 day off.  However, they have still learned SO much!  They are reading simple books on their own, writing sentences and have recently started copying books and even writing their own stories!  They got awesome report cards and their conferences went very well.  I was so happy that in both of their sample work they wrote something nice about their teachers.  I love to see that they have developed a special relationship with their teachers, even though that does make it tough when it is time to move on.  My favorite sentence in their sample work would definitely have to be.... "My mom is fun"

After 2 months of physical therapy and getting custom orthotics, I'm sad to say that I'm having more problems and pain.  I'm very frustrated after a trip back to the orthopedic doctor which resulted in him telling me to stop wearing my orthotics as he thinks that the arch support might be forcing me supinate and the reason for the increased pain on the outside of my foot.  I have requested an MRI to see if there is something else going on in the area as this has been going on for far to long in my opinion and I did have a previous injury and pain in this area as well as evidence of bruised bones on my initial x-ray in November. But my request by this doctor has been denied. I was told by his medical secretary that he is confident that he hit the diagnosis right on the head and that there is no reason for further testing.  That removing the $400 (although covered by my insurance) custom orthotics should help and that I should not need any further follow up appointments with him.  I'm planning to discuss with my physical therapist this week to see what she recommends, but I don't feel that telling a 32 year old to choose which pain is better to deal with is the best option when we haven't explored to see if there is anything besides the plantar fasciitis going on.  I could go on and on with my frustrations.... but right now I'm just hoping that more physical therapy or perhaps a second opinion with another doctor.

Looking ahead to a busy next few months includes a trip to Virginia for a wedding, Easter, a follow at DuPont for Summer Lou's ears, a business trip to Dallas for me, a benefit for my mom's scholarship, a trip to Vegas to celebrate our 10th anniversary, Jim's 39th birthday, Summer's dance recital and finishing up kindergarten.... and that is all by the end of JUNE!  Stay tuned for lots of excitement from the Haztwins....  

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  1. Wow! Y'all are busy :)

    I'm really sorry that you are struggling so much with your foot! I would totally get a second opinion!!