Saturday, February 2, 2013

Creating a new play space...

I've seriously been in a rut at home lately...  believe me I am NOT a neat freak and I'm ok with that, but it has gotten way out of hand even for me.  The basement is just about the only room that I would say is pretty good right now.  We have spent a great deal of time getting it in shape and making it the playroom, except that now that we've added the TV that I got Jim for Christmas, a bluray player and fixed the gas fireplace... we kind of decided that we like the space for more than just a playroom and Jim and I have been hanging out down there in the evenings after the kids are in bed.  We don't want it to get overwhelmed with all of the toys.... plus it would be unrealistic to not have any toys on the main floor.  Even though I am more comfortable letting them play downstairs without me there every minute, I don't want them down there too long without supervision. 

The PLAN...  to create a space that contains the toys that the kids use on the main floor. 

We are now into toys with lots of tiny pieces and they are driving me crazy all over my living room floor and constantly getting kicked under the couch.  (Note to self: next time I am furniture shopping, I will select only things that toys can't scoot under!)  We have a nice sized area to the side of our living room that has been the toy area, but they tend not to stay there and have taken over the entire living room.  The main floor conists of an entry way, powder room, kitchen (that lacks room for a table), dining room and living room that are separated by a step and a railing.  My thought is to move our dining table into the side of the living room and to move all of the toys into the dining room which would serve as somewhat of a toy corral. 

I'm also hoping to create an art center possibly in the corner of the living room.  The kids are super into creating and we have accumulated quite a bit of art supplies, so I'd like to organize everything so that they can cut and glue and color to their hearts content!

Wish me luck... it is a work in progress already so no before pictures.... when it is the way I want it... I'll post after pictures. 

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  1. Sounds like a great plan. All those tiny pieces are why I finally caved and went with Rubbermaid locking containers : They work 80% of the time....