Sunday, November 4, 2012

A busy weekend of Halloween Activities (last weekend)

I know that I haven't finished blogging about our vacation yet, but we had such a jam packed weekend followed by a crazy hurricane that I had to jump ahead and then I will complete Disney later.

Saturday (10/27) morning kick started with my SJMOMS group's Halloween Parade.  This is a really great activity that we hold at a local park with crafts and trick or treating and then playing on the playground if the weather cooperates. Thankfully the weather was BEAUTIFUL (last year it actually SNOWED!).  The kids had a great time and I'm happy to say that at this age, I don't feel like I have to be as constantly on top of them as they play.

After the parade we decided to head to Johnson's farm to pick pumpkins.  We were supposed to go before vacation, but it was rained out and the kids missed their field trip while we were away as well.  They decided not to change out of their costumes and guess what??  Since they were in costume, their hayrides were FREE!  I sometimes worry that Jim thinks I'm going overboard by dragging us on another outing, but even he admitted having a great time.  Once on the hayride, they told us that we could get off at the first field to pick popcorn, sweet potatoes and broccoli and the second field would be pumpkins.  I thought it sounded fun and popcorn pretty much sealed the deal for Jim since it is probably his favorite food.  

Once in the pumpkin field, Cole really wanted a big pumpkin until he realized that he wouldn't be able to carry it himself.  Even though I offered for me or Jim to carry it for him, he opted for one that he could carry himself.  
Summer led Jim way back into the field in search of a small pumpkin and I had to smile at what she returned with.  So her.... she actually selected a tiny pumpkin like gourd!  

Once returning back and paying for our pickings... we did the bounce house, got apple cider donuts, lunch and then headed home

After a nap we headed to the local Starbucks to check out their kids' Halloween party.  It was really nice... crafts, decorate a caramel apple, popcorn and face painting.  All free while I sipped my delicious coffee!  
Decorating their apples

Summer the butterfly

Cole the Batman
As if this wasn't enough excitement.... on Sunday as our area braced for a hurricane I needed to get a few items at the grocery store.  More or less because I hadn't been grocery shopping since before our vacation so I really had NO food.  Jim was out so I had to take both kids with me (which I try to do as seldom as possible). 
I have never used one of these car shopping carts! I will admit.... I'm kind of afraid of them.  They are awkward to push.... I did nearly take a few people out rounding the corners.  The kids are far from me and able to touch each other and if you are a parent.... you know what kind of trouble happens with those two factors involved!  Overall they did pretty well!  The only thing that wasn't on the list that they asked for was noodles... and I let them have them since there was much worse they could have asked for. 
As the rain from the hurricane began we had dinner at Mom-mom's and carved jack o' lanterns!  Pop-pop & Aunt Chele even thought to get one a bit bigger than Summer's gourd in case she wanted to carve too!

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