Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Pictures - Sibling Love

A couple of weeks ago, the Summer & Cole had pictures taken at daycare.  I have stopped ordering pictures from school, because the previous company made you choose your package prior to the photos being taken.  At this age, that just doesn't work for me.  You never know what child is going to appear when the photos are taken. 

This photographer was completely different.  I didn't have to send the kids to school looking spiffy!  The photographer was bringin all sorts of "dress-up" clothes and props.  I didn't have to worry that their hair was just right and if it would stay just right!  The teachers were doing their hair for the photos.  The photos went by class and my kids were not taken until Thursday.  However the room of props and costumes was set up all week.  From walking by the room every day, the kids were SO excited for their turn!  I really think that was a MAJOR part of why they got so many AMAZING shots!  I hope you agree.  Here are the together shots.  I will post their separate poses tomorrow.  

Family & Friends... I have a disk of all of the images, so please let me know if there is a particular pose that you would like a copy of and what size.  

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  1. I love them!! How adorable - and how creative of the photographer :)