Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mommy's shopping list...

Once you've taught your kids how to ask politely for what they want and they actually do it... how do you explain this??  Thank you for asking nicely for ________ .  However, we are out of it!!  LOL.  My recent take on this is to say that we are out of that and Mommy has to buy it at the store.  The kids have both come to accept this, but they remember what Mommy needs to buy at the store.  We have started to turn this into a game since a lot of the time we all go shopping together on the weekends.  Before we leave, Jim and I ask the kids what we need to buy at the store.  They are getting good at remembering the things that we have talked about needing.  Then once we get to the store, we keep asking them what we still need to get and they are actually pretty good and remembering all of the things that we discussed needing. 
Lately they have been remembering if we talk about needing something from the store in the morning, they will actually ask me when I pick them up at school at the end of the day if I remembered to get it!  Too cute.  Today my list in the morning was: manas (bananas), yogurt, fruit snacks, & strawberries.  Hopefully I will remember to get it all tomorrow :)

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